Integrated Air & Missile Defense Conference

Multi-Domain Solutions for IAMD: Defining Requirements to Detect and Defeat the Growing Arsenal of Air and Missile Threats

Global tensions are high, and never before has the need for a global, layered, Integrated Air and Missile Defense been greater. With various threats manifesting in the form of inter-continental ballistic missiles testing, and proliferation of cruise missile and UAV technology, the U.S. and its allies must develop the tools and techniques to protect assets at every echelon of the force.

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Now is a crucial point in the development of air and missile defense systems. Our military has identified priorities through the reinvestment in SHORAD capability, continued acquisition of integrated next generation radar and battle command, and the large scale investment in future IAMD technologies like Directed Energy. Investing in our partner's defense has also evolved as a major priority through the creation of a global defense in depth. With regional partners like Poland, Romania, and South Korea investing in compatible IAMD solutions there is great demand in other global markets for similar solutions.

Join our event to hear from U.S. and Partner Operational Commands, Requirements builders, and the Acquisition Executives that support them. Help shape the conversation regarding one of the single most important areas in our national defense..

Top Benefits of Attending:

  • Identify Priorities for Multi-Domain Operations in the Context of IAMD
  • Hear Joint IAMD Roadmaps for Development and Acquisition
  • Learn about Modernization Initiatives for near term SHORAD and GMD upgrades
  • Understand Development and Employment Priorities from Regional IAMD Partners
  • Analyze the C-UAS strategy and discuss potential SHORAD solutions
  • Learn about Next Generation IAMD Solutions like Directed Energy Systems
  • Collaborate with Government, Military, and Industry partners on applying Multi-Domain concepts to IAMD

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2017 Speakers


  • COL (R) Art Loureiro, Former Chief of Plans, USASMDC/ARSTRAT, Chairman IAMD 2017

Featured Speakers

  • Mr. Frank A. Rose, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance, U.S. Department of State
  • Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, U.S. Army
  • Lieutenant General Jerry Martinez, Commander, U.S. Forces Japan, 5th Air Force, Pacific Air Forces
  • LTG (R) Richard Formica, Former Commanding General, U.S. Army
  • MG (R) Francis "Fran" Mahon, Former J5, NORAD-USNORTHCOM
  • RDML Jon Hill, Deputy Director, Missile Defense Agency
  • Brig Gen B. Chance "Salty" Saltzman, Director, Current Operations, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, HQAF
  • BG Sean Gainey, Commander, 94th AAMDC
  • BG Christopher Spillman, Commanding General, 32nd AAMDC
  • BG Randy McIntire, Commandant, Army Air Defense Artillery School
  • Brig Gen (R) Kenneth "Kenn" Todorov, Former Deputy Director, Missile Defense Agency
  • COL Michael Erickson, Chief, Space & IAMD Division, U.S. Pacific Command
  • Michael Chandler, Project Manager, AIAMD, PEO Missiles & Space
  • Mr. Gregory Gross, Deputy Chief Engineer, Directed Energy Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Thomas Karako, Director, Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Rear Admiral (R) Archer "Arch" Macy, Former Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 25, 2017