Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit

Our Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across DoD and civilian organizations, industry and academia can come together for actionable discussions and debate.

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2017 Topics to Include:

Achieving and applying levels of machine-learning and narrow AI to DoD systems at-rest and in-motion across all physical and non physical domain systems and platforms:

  • from unmanned systems to cyber, analytics and ISR applications
  • Structuring requirements and acquisition for autonomous capabilities
  • Understanding the unique potentials for mission applications across the Services and various departments
  • Shifting the TEVV paradigm for autonomous capabilities
  • Integrating counter-autonomy
  • Strengthening the operation pull for autonomy
  • Current research and advancements in the supporting technical fields of machine-learning / AI


Why Attend:

  1. Our Autonomous Capabilites for DoD Summit is a unique forum that allows for personnel from across the Services and respective DoD Departments, Industry and Academia to convene in one location. Our "Town Hall" format is designed to encourage challenging discussion and dialogue among all in attendance.
  2. By keeping our forum off-the record and non-attribution, we allow for a level of stream of consciousness and shared ideas and thoughts to flow freely. Our agendas cover the most current priorities and strive to achieve actionable takeaways for all in attendance.
  3. We limit our attendance size in order to allow everyone a chance to actively participate in the discussions and to mix and mingle with each other easily over the two days we are together.


Summit Background:

The release over the last year of such reports as The DSB' Summer Study on Autonomy and various Service and Joint Staff reports all acknowledge the growth and advancements occurring in autonomous capabilities (machine-learning, neural networking, etc...) and the need to enhance their applications towards DoD systems. Current advocacy out of the Dep SecDef’s office to apply autonomous capabilities rapidly to DoD systems only re-emphasizes the focus of the Department towards this topic.

The more precise questions now evolve towards how do you structure requirements and acquisition for autonomous capabilities that are often times a software solutions being applied to a hardware platform? What are the precise applications that the respective Services are looking at for their near and far term mission needs?

How do you design a testing and evaluation, verifying and validation program that overcomes the inherent challenges associated with the non deterministic nature of these capabilities?

These, and many other questions will be the focus of the Summit. We will bring together various senior leaders across DoD organizations and within the respective Services, along with academia and industry for two days of off the record, non attribution discussions and dialogue in a 'Town Hall' format.

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Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Mr. Dyke Weatherington, (Performing the duties of) ASD, Acquisition (OSD AT&L)
  • Mr. Frank Kelley, DASN, UxS (ASN (RDA))
  • Mr. Kenneth S. Callicutt, SES, J8 Director, Capability and Resource Integration , USSTRATCOM
  • BG David P. Komar, USA, Director, Capabilities Developments Directorate, ARCIC (TRADOC)
  • Dr. Greg Zacharias, Chief Scientist, USAF
  • Dr. Lawrence Schuette, SES, Director of Research, ONR; Chair, Autonomy COI for DoD
  • Dr. Robert Sadowski, SES, Army Chief Roboticist, TARDEC (ASA ALT)
  • Dr. Brian Sadler, Senior Research Scientist (ST) for Intelligent Systems, ARL
  • Ms. Ellen Purdy, Director, Emerging Capabilities & Prototyping Initiatives & Analysis OASD(R&E)/DASD, EC&P
  • Mr. James Harris, CTO, DIA
  • Col Jason M. Brown, USAF, Commander, 480th ISR Wing
  • Mr. Lou Bernstein, RDT&E Program Director, USTRANSCOM

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 21, 2017