Aircraft Asset Management Seminar 2017

Co-located with Engine Leasing Seminar 2017


  • Learn about the best practices in Aircraft Asset Management
  • Find out what should you be doing & how to benchmark your company
  • What happens at the end of the lifecycle
  • How to use insurance to minimise asset risk
  • What can be learnt when Asset Management Goes Wrong
  • Learn about credit and risk management
  • What are the best practices to optimise your lease income

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The commercial aviation market continues to grow - traffic has been growing at a faster rate than global GDP in recent years – aircraft production is at a high and the market has been good for leasing companies for almost a decade. With an average of six new leasing companies appearing each year for the past decade, many managements will have not experienced the kind of market downturn that we have seen in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

This seminar will inevitably prove useful to both experienced leasing companies as well as to the newer lessors in this industry, by highlighting the opportunities and challenges that are faced during 'normal' operations as well as in those difficult and challenging situations that arise from time to time, especially in market downturns.

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Preparation is key, and this seminar aims to give those involved and interested in asset management, a clear and firm understanding of the issues facing the industry today.'

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  • Robert Asher, VP Risk, Orix Aviation
  • Abdelmalek Abdelmuti Murad, Senior Manager Engineering, Gulf Air
  • Paul O'Dwyer, Senior Director, Sales & Leasing. Orix Aviation
  • Shane Carroll, Senior Associate, Matheson
  • Yvonne McWeeney, Senior Associate, Matheson
  • Alex Vandeleur, Director, Airstream
  • Chris Wills, Head of Consultancy Operations, FlightAscend Consultancy
  • Hanspeter Baserga, Owner, Andromeda Aviation
  • Aoife O’Sullivan, Partner - Head of Aircraft Finance, The Air Law Firm
  • Tomas Sidlauskas, VP Sales, AviaAM Leasing
  • Zohar Zik, Partner, Holman, Fenwick Willan

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 18, 2017