Instaknow Awarded Cwid 2005 Top Performer Status

(South Plainfield, NJ., March 6, 2006) -- Instaknow Deemed Unique and Invaluable Instaknow gained top honors and special recognition at the 2005 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) sponsored by the US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and hosted by the Northern Command (NorthCom). "CWID incorporates aspects of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense with coalition operations that include government agencies, national and international law enforcement, first responders, and traditional military allies." – CWID 2005 Instaknow's patented software that builds unlimited custom integration and process automation solutions without writing code, proved to be unique and unmatched in meeting CWID objectives. Instaknow was judged on its effectiveness, addressing Collaborative Information and Integrated Logistics. All solutions were scored on ability to enhance C4ISR, Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and coalition interoperability and be deployable within (12) months. Major integrators, government and military agencies, and special technology companies participated but only after winning an invitation based on demonstration, successful completion of an arduous application process, and gaining a government "sponsor." Instaknow, sponsored by the Northern Command (NorthCom), was demonstrated by "warfighters" at several US sites. Total solutions participating worldwide: 110. Instaknow Meets CWID Objectives CWID: "The on-going war on terrorism reinforces the need for unimpeded information sharing among traditional coalition partners, and more significantly, between military and non-military agencies." Instaknow met this vital "need" and more, generating considerable excitement. CWID Warfighter and Interoperability Assessment: "InstaKnow performed exceptionally well, providing techniques, procedures and concrete solutions for collaborative planning across a bandwidth constrained operational environment. InstaKnow Active Collaboration Engine (ACE) provided real time customized business process automation and intelligent information integration and collaboration through unlimited business rules and logic across all disparate systems and platforms without creating a single line of code or changing the system configuration. During CWID execution InstaKnow automatically triggered either processes or other applications to run at scheduled times, read and updated systems and provide automated interactive collaboration among warfighters, information, systems, whether internally or across the web." "InstaKnow integrated data from multiple databases and created situational awareness displays visible from the trial operator to command staff personnel. InstaKnow created reports that appropriately reflected each situation."Warfighter wrote, "I see great potential as (an) informational source for incident responders. A 'central' resource of vital information to emergency responders can offer huge benefits towards mitigating an emergency." The assessment report: “InstaKnow successfully demonstrated the ability to facilitate information sharing across multiple information domains by pushing and pulling information from many different places, fully integrating the information within a timely manner, creating customized reports appropriate to the event and notifying designated recipients of the event via telephone.” "The warfighters who conducted Instaknow’s demo overwhelmingly agreed that InstaKnow exhibited a powerful potential to assist the military, homeland defense and homeland security environments in meeting mission objectives." Warfighter: "(Instaknow) will be of great assistance as a central information gathering/dissemination tool. (Instaknow) will prove invaluable." Benefits: Instaknow-ACE allows implementation of policies, CONOPS, and scenarios involving the interoperability and fusion of data from disparate coalition systems/processes at least an order of magnitude faster than with any other technology or paradigm. Coordinated interagency first responses within seconds vs hours. Eliminated error prone actions and provided a situational display complete with drill downs and graphical overlays.

Source: Instaknow
Date: Mar 8, 2006

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