Integrated Air & Missile Defence Eastern Europe Conference

Combatting the Regional Airborne Threat: Integration, Collaboration and Modernisation

The value of the Air and Missile Defence market is estimated to reach in excess of $35 billion by 2025 - the majority of which will be procured, integrated and deployed with the objective of protecting Europe's Eastern border front of mind.

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One integral regional acquisition is Poland's Wisla program which is yet to decide on the specific air defence system to fulfil their medium-range air defence capability need.

Poland, alike its regional neighbours is undergoing a period of urgent modernisation and rejuvenation in air defence - this comes as a result of the ongoing aggression from Russia in the Donbass. Also, as a reaction to the proliferation of UAVs into the battlespace, the requirement to be able to counter 'the low, slow and small' threat is needed more than ever.

In order to enable regional collaboration and discussion around these bespoke challenges and key acquisitions facing air defence in Eastern Europe, the Integrated Air & Missile Defence Eastern Europe conference will bring together Chiefs of Staff, Commanders of Air Defence and Air Forces, Heads of Procurement and Industry Executives from across the region between the 26th-27th July in Warsaw, Poland.

Meeting the Needs of the Region:

  • Engage in end-goal focused debates regarding the future of integrated air defence and regional integration to develop an effective joint strategy to maximise national and regional security
  • Join your military and industry colleagues at the Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner to engage in knowledge sharing and networking beyond the conference room
  • Mould the future of air defence by debating and assessing the strategic direction and considerations being formed by the regions Commanders to align to the future of regional air defence
  • Participate in discussions with Military Decision Makers from the likes of Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Georgia to determine current and future requirements, procurements and capability needs

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2017 Speakers

  • Major General Shamko Viacheslav, Chief of Staff & First Deputy Commander, Ukraine Air Force
  • Colonel Tomas Jakusz, Chief GBAD Specialist, Air and Missile Defence Department, Polish Armed Forces General Command
  • Colonel Jaroslav Ackermann, Chief, Ground Based Air Defence and Deputy Commander, 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment, Czech General Staff
  • Colonel David Shank, Commander, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, US Army
  • Senior Representative, Air Defence, Hungarian Air Force
  • Senior Representative, Air Defence Department, Operational Command, Polish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Brian Adams, Deputy Chief of Plans, Chief, Air and Missile Defense, US Army Europe
  • Colonel Arnt Kuebart, Commander, Air and Missile Defence Wing 1, German Air Force
  • Captain Shanti Sethi, Commander, Task Force 64, N34 TLAM Strike Director, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ignacio Lanzat, Head of Ballistic Missile Defence Command and Control, Air Operations Center, Air Combat Command, Spanish Air Force
  • Dr. Alan L. (Leigh) Moore, Jr., Chairman, Joint Capability Group, Ground Based Air Defense, NATO
  • Colonel Hristo Ventislavov, Bulgarian Air Force Ganetsovski, AF CCS Base Deputy Commander

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 15, 2017