Armoured Vehicles Latin America Conference

The Enduring Relevance of Armour in Strategic Defence and Security Thinking

Over the past six years, Armoured Vehicles Latin America has gained a reputation as a truly essential strategic regional forum for Armies, Marine Corps and Police. Following meetings in Brazil, Colombia and Peru, we are proud to host AV Latin America in one of the largest and most dynamic capital cities in the world and, by promoting the exchange of ideas between nations, services and industry, the conference will continue to shed a light on the defence and security thinking that shapes this diverse region.

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Since our last meeting, there have been significant developments for the region in the security and defence realm: Mexican armed forces successfully recaptured its most notorious cartel commander; the Colombian government announced a peace deal with the FARC; a new administration has entered the White House, and; the United Nations declared the end point for its mission in Haiti. Major geopolitical changes such as these will have an important impact on the strategic decision-making of the regional military commands and, indeed, 2017 looks to be a critical moment for reflection on this.

It is against this backdrop that we are proud to announce the 6th annual AV Lat Am conference to be held in Mexico City - a unique forum for industry, army and marine corps commanders, heads of police, and programme managers who are unified by shared security objectives and prepared to work together to maintain readiness and operational superiority.

Key questions shaping the 2017 include:

  • How should armoured police respond to the militarization of criminal groups in Latin America?
  • What is the optimum level of mobility and protection needed for effective policing along borders?
  • What combination of armoured systems provides the most effective force across a full spectrum of operating environments and different threats in the region?
  • What solutions exist for the Marine Corps to reduce the effect of corrosion on amphibious vehicles and extend their survivability?
  • How many upgrades should you do for legacy systems before acquiring new? How do you achieve a balance between the cost of new vehicles against the cost of failure or cost of modernisation?


Why Attend?

  • Gain insight and expertise from serving military officers, acquisition staffers and local industry who are at the forefront of key vehicle delivery projects and stay networked in the region
  • Demonstrate SWaP trade-off solutions to end-users currently experiencing increasing operational demand and budgetary pressures, and adopting advanced technology and systems integration programmes, in order to put your solution top of the agenda
  • Understand the region’s latest armoured vehicles requirements spanning Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru so that you can find the right customer for your solution
  • Share discussion with the key stakeholders from global industry that are focussed on meeting capability gaps across Latin America, in order to find partners for projects and access to the market

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Industry Thought Leaders

  • Christian Gamma, Senior Director Sales Americas, RUAG Defence
  • Douglas Kulick, LP Land Systems, Spectrex Suppression Solutions
  • Sylvain Rolet, Vice President Sales & Marketing, CMI Group
  • Jean Vandel, Director Business Development, Texelis

Introducing the 2017 Speaker Faculty

  • General Hugo Begazo de Bedoya, Executive Secretary, Peru National Police
  • Brigadier General Salvador Orlando Montano Méndez, Commander, El Salvadorian Army
  • Aureliano da Ponte, Director Industrial Policy, Ministry of Defence Argentina
  • Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis, Head of the Tactical Services Unit, Guyana Police Force
  • Commander Pablo von UNGER Thauby, Project Manager for Marine Corps Integrated development, Programs, Research, Chilean Navy
  • Colonel Raul Ramos Peralta, Member of Public Investment Project, Peruvian Army
  • Captain Emilio Segura, Project of Amphibious Vehicles Recovery, Argentinian Marine Corps
  • Colonel José Manuel Arteta Guillen, Special Operations Directorate, Peru National Police
  • Major Milton Sanchez, Tactical Vehicles Programme Manager, Ecuadorian Army
  • Commander Victor Hugo Ibañez Valencia, EXO, Peruvian Marine Corps
  • Major Rodriguez Erik Humberto, Commander, Colombian Marine Corps
  • Professor Javier Oliva Posada, Professor-Researcher, UNAM
  • Dr Robert J Bunker, Adjunct Professor, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College


  • Iñigo Guevara, ‎Senior Consultant and Analyst, IHS Jane's

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 8, 2017