Cyber Security for Defense Conference

The Faceless Enemy...

The duty of the United States Military is to defend our nation from outsider threats and win our wars. What used to be taking up weapons and artilleries against our opponents has now shifted to technological warfare. Even though our technology advancements have improved defense capabilities and readiness, they have also introduced new types of threat. Our battlegrounds are now both tangible and intangible zones.

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For the First Time...

  • 3rd Annual Cyber Security for Defense will include both National and International presentations on the need for cyber defenses across military technologies, and the vital roles cyber security plays in the new age military
  • 3rd Annual Cyber Security for Defense includes a Workshop and Focus Day to cover offensive and defensive cyber exercises, cyber simulations, and team based cyber security training

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Defending the United States from Cyber Attacks by Hostile States and Criminals
  • Sharing Information between the Military and Private Sector
  • Building Awareness of Cyber Vulnerabilities, Incidents, and Mitigations
  • Challenges, Successes, and Future Investments in Cyber Security
  • Defending the DoD Network from Cyber Intrusions
  • Implementing Robust Cyber Defense Capabilities
  • Maintaining a Reliable Pool of Talented Cyber Personnel
  • International Military Perspectives on Fighting Cybercrime

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Current Speakers

  • Maj. Gen. Christopher Weggeman, Commander, 24th Air Force and Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER)
  • Sherrill Nicely, Chief Information Security Officer, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Colonel Dean A. Clothier, Chief, Cyberspace Division, Joint Staff, J-6
  • COL Paul Stanton, Commander, U.S. Army Cyber Protection Brigade
  • Tonya Ugoretz, Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • General Angelo Kawakami Okamura, Commander, Cyber Defense Command, Brazilian Army
  • Trent Teyema, Section Chief (SES), Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Dr. Ray Letteer, Chief, Cybersecurity Division, U.S. Marine Corps
  • LTC Kelvin Graves, Product Manager, Tactical Cyber and Network Operations, PEO-C3T, U.S. Army
  • Erik Wennerström, Director-General, Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention
  • Christian Liflander, Cyber Defence Section, NATO
  • Steven Shirley, Executive Director, Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3), U.S. Air Force
  • David Laufman, Chief | Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, National Security Division | U.S. Department of Justice
  • CW3 Louis Quinones, Senior Defensive CyberSpace Operations Technician, 6th Regional Cyber Center-Korea
  • CW4 Lorenza Mosley, Technical Director, 442nd Signal Battalion, U.S. Army Signal School
  • CW3 Charles Byrd, 442nd Signal Battalion, U.S. Army Signal School
  • CW4 Joshua Marner, Instructor, 442nd Signal Battalion, U.S. Army Signal School
  • Commander Zachary Staples, Director, Center for Cyber Warfare, Naval Postgraduate School, U.S. Navy
  • Cynthia James, President & General Manager, KGSS

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 6, 2017