Countering Violent Extremism 2017 Conference

Engage in this critical debate with Countering Violent Extremist professionals from across government, military, law enforcement and NGOs

We are delighted to announce the return of Countering Violent Extremism 2017. As this symposium moves into its 16th year, the 2017 event will look at the lessons that the Information Operations miltary community can share and impact wider domestic and international CVE efforts.

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This event will bring together communication professionals and government agencies from around the world to discuss the successes, challenges and failures, and novel methods for communicating against the lure of extremism.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this unique interactive event, which brings together CVE stakeholders from across the military, government, law enforcement and NGOs, who play an integral role in tackling the challenges that we all face in the fight against this persistent threat. This event will give you the chance to asses potential solutions and understand how you can effectively implement them into your CVE strategy.

This year's event will focus around key challenges that the CVE community is facing globally, which will structure the discussion and take-aways from the event. These are:

  • Credible voices; how to empower and deploy
  • Measurement of CVE; magic tricks or genuine measurement
  • Former Fighters; when, why and how to deploy
  • Migration; risk identification and management
  • Preventing Violent Extremism or Countering Violent Extremism; how to invest your efforts
  • Future Casting; what are the challenges we're about to face
  • Taking the fight to the enemy; operating on encrypted channels
  • Hacking; integral to effective CVE?


''Excellent balance of academics, commercial, government and military participation. quality of speakers and content was excellent''
Chief Information Operations, NATO, Joint Fires and Influence , 2016 CVE speaker

''I love hearing the commercial applications being used on the civilian side...a conference like this really helps''
Director, Military Information Support Operations Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defence, US DoD

''I thought there was a very good range of speakers which gave breadth to the discussion''
Analyst, DSTL

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2017 Speakers Include:

  • Gregory Radabaugh, Director, Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
  • William Baldet, Prevent Strategy Coordinator, Leicester, St. Philip's Centre
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Powers, Commandant of the Marine Corps Fellow, United States Institute of Peace
  • Simon Smith, Head of Delivery - Prevent Strategy | National CT Policing, Metropolitan Police
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Duprey, S39, 10th Special Forces Group(A)
  • Russell Porter, Executive Director, Countering Violent Extremism Secretariat, US AID
  • Manwar Ali, Chief Executive, JIMAS
  • Sharif Al-Omari, Director Countering Extremism Unit, Jordanian Ministry of Culture
  • Brian Murphy, Section Chief, Office of Partner Engagement, FBI
  • Stephanie Samoska, Office of Countering Violent Extremism, FBI
  • Thomas Wuchte, Head of Unit - Action Against Terrorism Unit, Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
  • Dr. Alastair Reed, Director, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague
  • Tony Sgro, CEO, EdVenture Partners
  • Hanif Qadir, Founder, Active Change Foundation
  • Paul Tilley, Managing Director, iN2-Comms
  • Lucinda Creighton, Senior Advisor, Counter Extremism Project
  • Sara Khan, Director, Inspire
  • Malika Hamidi, Managing Director, European Muslim Network
  • Naureen Chowdhury Fink, Policy Specialist, Gender & Counterterrorism/CVE at UN Women & Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, UN
  • Paul Gill, Senior Lecturer in Security and Crime Science, UCL

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 31, 2017