Oceanographic Survey Vessels Conference

The only oceanographic survey conference worldwide designed exclusively for a naval audience

With investment into new, multi-role naval vessels and submarines increasing worldwide, and projections on the Blue Economy suggesting its worth at $2.4 trillion per year, now is an opportune moment to reflect on the utility of oceanographic survey vessels and other surveying capabilities.

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Moreover, as the international community looks to develop policy frameworks that deal with mass ecological degradation and the threat of climate change, it is vital that we begin to improve our knowledge of the ocean floor.

Having understood the need for cross-sector engagement between industry, policy and naval commanders and hydrographers, we have developed an event that places regional and hemispheric cooperation at the heart of its agenda, with senior commanders attending to discuss current OSV design requirements, acquisition challenges, and operational case-studies.


What Navies, Coast Guards and National Hydrographic Offices can learn from OSV 2017

  • Support Naval Mission Planning and Operations: Understand the unique benefits that a survey capability offers your nation's navy or coast guard and recognise the pros and cons of different ship designs and how they impact build, operational and maintenance costs so that you can build a an effective case for procurement
  • Force Multiplier: Learn how unmanned autonomous vehicles can remove the man-power burden from commanders and buttress existing survey missions with a cheaper and more expansive prediction of currents, density and sea states and tides, ensuring effective and safe navigation of waters in future missions
  • Prolong the Life of Your Fleet: Discover how to reduce the costs of maintenance and improve fuel efficiency through new technology upgrades in propulsion so that your fleet can operate for longer and in the most austere environments
  • Harness the power of your Blue Economy: Determine what survey capabilities you require for your fleet and better manage, protect and extract the enormous ocean resources at your disposal
  • Achieving Real-time Response: Investigate which technologies are needed ship-to-shore for a quicker processing, exploitation and dissemination of vital bathymetric and geospatial data so that your fleet can respond in real time to weather changes, operational threat or navigational challenges


"Very interesting summit, with excellent speaker panel"
Algerian Naval Forces

"Good mix of industry and government, a great conference for better understanding user requirements"
Senior Engineer, Vard

"Event provided a good overview of the requirements of a range of Navies which will help us develop a strategy for approaching the market"
Defence Sales Manager, Saab Seaeye

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Meet the Speakers


  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, Former National Hydrographer, United Kingdom

2017 Speaker Faculty

  • Captain Vice Admiral Charin Boonmoh, Commander of Hydrographic Flotilla, Royal Thai Navy
  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Sisira Jayakody, Chief Hydrography Officer, Sri Lanka Navy
  • First Admiral Hanafiah bin Hassan, Deputy Chief Hydrographer, Malaysian Navy
  • Captain Captain Luigi Sinapi, Director, Naval Hydrography, Italian Navy
  • Commodore Commodore Al Mamun Chowdhury, Director of Naval Training, Bangladeshi Navy
  • Captain Captain Brian Connon (USN), Director, Maritime Safety Office, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Captain Captain Charles Bamele, Director Coordinating Operations, Côte d’Ivoire Navy
  • Captain Captain Martin Jones, UK Government Earth Observation Service Lead and MOD Liaison, DEFRA
  • Captain Captain Matthew Perry (USN), U.S. Marine Corps
  • Captain (Retd) Captain Ted Venable (Retd) (USN), CNT & UAS Program Manager, U.S. Naval Forces South
  • Commander Commander Kenneth J. Boda, Icebreaker and Buoy Tender Chief, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Commander Commander Francesco Tocci, Chief of N3 Geometoc Division, NATO Allied Maritime Command
  • Lieutenant Commander Greg Camburn, Staff Officer Plans and Exercises, Office of the Captain Fleet Operational Readiness, Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Professor Professor Alex Rogers, Professor of Conservation Biology, University of Oxford

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 30, 2017