Rockwell Collins latest ''Made in Canada'' communications solutions

Next week at CANSEC 2017, Rockwell Collins will offer industry partners and customers the opportunity to learn about the latest Canadian-made communications and networking solutions at the E.Y. Centre in Ottawa, from May 31 - June 1. In addition, the company will announce its latest contract win with the Canadian Army, featuring the adaptation of an Android-based tablet for a military communications solution.

“In Canada, we are focused on providing our customers with complete communications solutions with content produced in country. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with industry partners and customers during CANSEC as we collaborate on solutions for the future,” said Lee Obst, managing director, Rockwell Collins for Canada.

At the company’s exhibit (1103), experts from Rockwell Collins will be available to discuss and demonstrate key offerings for virtual, mixed and augmented reality solutions, software defined radios and networking solutions for all domains. These include:

  • Coalescence™ augmented mixed reality system: merges the trainee's real-world view with a synthetic environment for a whole new way to effectively train in a seamless, enhanced mixed reality
  • Wideband HF (RT-2200A): remote controlled, software-defined, digital signal processor (DSP) based, high frequency receiver-exciter designed to meet the needs of ground fixed site and transportable shelter applications.
  • SubNet Relay: the first, truly masterless, self-configuring data networking technology that works with currently fielded HF/VHF/UHF radios.
  • SmartBlade, ARC-210 and 721S communications systems for all domains: V/UHF software defined radios.
  • TruNet™ networked communications solutions for air, land and sea customized networks: the most advanced, integrated software-defined communications solution that offers ground, airborne and mobile forces the power to network and share critical data, image, voice and video, securely and in real time.
  • Networked Joint Fires Canadian Joint Terminal Attack Controller: dismounted software coupled with android system speaking VMF talking to the Networked Tactical Gateway in Link 16.
  • Datalink/Link-16 systems: provides real-time, secure transfer of combat data for air defense, ground and maritime assets.
  • Integrated Digital Vision Systems (IDVS): fully digital head-worn system that fuses multispectral night vision sensors with situational awareness information to support day, night and degraded visual environments.

Source: Rockwell Collins
Date: May 26, 2017