Successful Sea Acceptance Trials

In April 2017, the Multi-role Aviation Training Vessel (MATV) MV Sycamore successfully completed Sea Acceptance Trials and is now ready for final handover to the customer, The Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Contracted in December 2014, Terma has successfully delivered and trialed the helicopter mission control system for the MV Sycamore, in due time.

A primary mission for the MV Sycamore is to conduct operational aviation/helicopter training by and for RAN. Consequently, the MV Sycamore is equipped with a helicopter mission control system from Terma that comprises the SCANTER 6002 Air and Surface Surveillance radar with IFF and the C-Flex Mission System.

The SCANTER 6002 is a combined Air and Surface Surveillance radar providing unique capabilities for advanced navigation, air, and surface surveillance and helicopter control. On the MV Sycamore, the SCANTER 6002 radar is configured with its 12 feet Dual Beam High Gain antenna and combined with the C-Search IFF system providing for military modes as well as the civilian Mode S. The SCANTER 6002 radar enables the operator to detect a helicopter far from the vessel and follow it all the way until hovering over the helicopter pad.

The C-Flex Mission system is located in the aviation control room from where the operator is presented with the situation awareness based on data from the SCANTER 6002 radar and the IFF. These data are correlated and fused into a layered situation picture with sea chart, track overlay, crisp-clear radar video overlay as well as graphical overlays, routes, heli-approach patterns, etc., allowing for the operator to concentrate on making decisions and commanding the helicopter in the specific operation.

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Source: Terma A/S
Date: May 18, 2017