Patriot One Obtains Purchase Agreement with Reseller Serving US Government and Military

Patriot One Technologies Inc., developer of the revolutionary award-winning PATSCAN CMR concealed weapons detection system, today announced a reseller agreement with Information Technology Communications contracting firm JJB Federal LLC and its specialty sales division UnitedEye Inc., based in the Washington, DC area.

Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin said, “We are pleased to have entered into a reseller agreement with JJB Federal, a highly credible industry partner. With today’s announcement, and in just four weeks since our launch in Las Vegas, we have now achieved a number of contractual commitments totalling over $1.1 million USD. Access to government and military contracts require years of experience and an established network of contacts in any region; Washington DC is particularly unique and complex. The JJB Federal team has the connections, reach and proven experience to accelerate Patriot One product sales. We are delighted to welcome JJB Federal to our growing sales network, and to help protect the public and those who serve.”

Having initially taken note of Patriot One at the International Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) in October 2016, and upon seeing live product demonstrations of Patriot One’s PATSCAN CMR system at the recent ISC West event, JJB Federal Manager Marshal Plotner commented, “The emergence of this technology is a breakthrough in advanced threat detection that positively identifies those with intentions to cause harm; who, up until this technology arrived would go undetected until the threat was imminent. With this heightened capability, we are now able to proactively react to an aggressor and, simultaneously, protect potential targets, bystanders and/or property. The added strength and advantage that Patriot One’s CMR1000 brings is crucial in disrupting violence and safeguarding the populace. To say this faculty is simply necessary is to greatly understate its impact!”

Cronin added, “We will be shipping several units to JJB Federal in support of demonstrations to U.S. government agencies. Our reseller agreement includes an initial commitment of 50 units, and we anticipate very strong federal interest and demand to follow.”

Mr. Plotner adds, “JJB Federal, LLC. and UnitedEye, Inc. have a history of supporting our federal government and men and women in uniform both at home and abroad. Our desire to serve our nation is seconded by our desire to protect it. This partnership with Patriot One gives us an increased and unique capacity to augment existing security measures and to offer new capabilities and security for the public. We see our relationship with Patriot One as the instrument with which to offer counter-threat protection in any location with entry and exit points where there is a mass gathering; educational institutions, financial institutions, public transit locations, domestic municipalities, just to name a few.”

Source: Patriot One Technologies, Inc.
Date: May 10, 2017