Mission Ready Provides Update on Wild Things Integration

Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: MRS) is pleased to provide the following update – further to the news release dated March 9, 2017 announcing the acquisition of Wild Things, LLC (“Wild Things”) – on the Integration of Wild Things into the Company’s current operations.

The Protect The Force (“PTF”) team has been working diligently integrating and supporting Wild Things on a number of efforts which is expected to deliver improved cost structures across the organization by leveraging manufacturing, product development, reach – particularly into the US Department of Defense (“DoD”) – research & engineering, purchasing teams, and sales to law enforcement and first responders.

Leveraging Manufacturing:  PTF’s manufacturing plant in Jacksboro, TN, has begun to integrate a number of Wild Things products into its manufacturing floor.  With very competitive labor costs in TN and centralized inventory management and purchasing, cost savings to the Company are significantly increased through in-house manufacturing and logistics. The Jacksboro facility is located in one of three surrounding counties that have a rich and storied history in the cut and sew industry. The ability to recruit from these areas allows Protect The Force to establish a highly skilled and efficient workforce.

Product Development:  Both Protect The Force and Wild Things have seamlessly integrated their innovations and product development teams under the direction of the Company’s Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”), Francisco Martinez. Key products that cater to Mission Ready’s DoD customers have now been prototyped and presented.  PTF and Wild Things are now aligned and are responding efficiently to US and Global solicitations.

Greater Reach into the DoD R&D:  Protect The Force has been working with US DoD and NATO forces since its inception and is now bringing Wild Things into key government organizations that are working on developing the next generation products. To date, PTF personnel have met with the vast majority of the key teams at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (“NSRDEC”) which the US DoD’s headquarters for the development of all Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Airman clothing and individual equipment. Francisco Martinez states, “The insight gained in the last two weeks as we interface with engineers and users has been invaluable. It is safe to say that Wild Things is once again positioned to respond to large DoD opportunities. The Made in the USA from concept to manufacturing message resonates loudly with our audience.”

Sales into Law Enforcement and First Responder Markets: Protect The Force’s growing distributor and dealer network provides Wild Things with an immediate marketplace where a number of products are available for sale. PTF is primarily focused on sales in the United States of America, however, through strategic relationships, PTF is able to access global markets as well. The Law Enforcement and First Responder markets have a number of exciting opportunities for product development and future growth for the Wild Things product line.

Cross Organization Synergies: Another key benefit of the PTF-Wild Things integration includes the growing relationships with the Wild Things distributor network which enhances Protect The Force’s solution offerings to its current customers. Protect The Force is also integrating Wild Things supply chain management systems that allow the combined company to scale with little additional expense.

Jeff Schwartz, CEO of Mission Ready, states, “As a team, we collectively welcomed the challenge of integrating Wild Things into the rapidly expanding PTF operations and we continue to work diligently to capitalize on new opportunities in the growing family of products that we now offer to our customers. Consistent with our Mission to Protect Those Who Protect Us, our solutions – from next to skin clothing layers to body armor and extreme cold weather items – continue to be enhanced and expanded to save lives by delivering the best possible performance in personal protection.”

Source: Mission Ready Services Inc.
Date: May 4, 2017