Armoured Vehicles Middle East Conference

Armoured Vehicles: Adapting to the Future Threat Environment

Armoured Vehicles Middle East provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with senior officers gathered from across the region and beyond, to discuss the role of armour in combating existing and emerging threats, notably the continuing fight against Daesh.

The future threat environment will subject armoured vehicles to different attacks and thus advances in protection measures will need to adapt and evolve accordingly. Protection however, will need to be balanced with speed and mobility, and both will need to remain reliable and easily adaptable to tackle asymmetrical warfare. Furthermore, all capabilities and modifications need to be considered in the context of interoperability, ensuring cooperation becomes ever-more crucial to the Middle East.

Hosted and supported by the Jordan Armed Forces, Armoured Vehicles Middle East brings together senior thought-leaders from military, industry and academia to contribute ideas and discuss the key challenges facing armoured vehicles now and in the future. If you are interested in developing or establishing partnerships with units across the region, understanding contemporary operations or discovering new and emerging technology, then this is an event not to miss.

2017 Key Topics

  • Armour requirements and procurement processes
  • Enhancing Survivability and Protection
  • Improving Vehicle Mobility and Firepower
  • case studies of armoured vehicles in battlefield operations

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  • Brigadier General Nassar S. Athamneh, Chief of Staff Strategic Planning, Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army
  • Brigadier General Adnan Ahmad Alragad, Commander, King Abdulluah II, 3rd Armored Division, Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army
  • Brigadier General Engineer Khaled Khlaif Mufleh Aldabaibeh, Commander of the Royal Maintenance Corps, Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army
  • Brigadier General Kheyal Nabi, 1st Strike Brigade Commander, Afghan National Army
  • Brigadier General Essam Moghabghab, Commander, 1st Armoured Vehicles Regiment, Lebanon Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Simon Ridgway, Commanding Officer, The Royal Tank Regiment, British Army
  • Confirmed Representative, Saudi Arabian Army, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Confirmed Representative, Royal Bahrain Army, Bahrain
  • Confirmed Representative, Pakistan Army, Pakistan
  • Confirmed Representative, US Central Command (USCENTCOM), US Army
  • Mr Paul R. Villare, Chief, Foreign Intelligence Technology Division ODCS G-2, U.S. Army
  • Major General (Rtd.) Major General (Rtd.) Mohammad, Chief of Staff Training, Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army
  • Major General (Rtd.) Morsi Mahmoud, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Defence Studies Institute, Egyptian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier (Rtd.) Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Brigadier General Eng. Mohammad Al-Habhbah, CEO, KADDB, CEO, KADDB
  • Eng. Sameer Khodeer, PMP/Head of Weapons and Ammunition and Armour Design Section, KADDB
  • Dr. Dr. Riyad Ratrout, Head of Weapons, Ammunition and Armour Testing, KADDB

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 27, 2017