Mercury Introduced Defense Industry's 1st 8GB DDR3 High Density Secure Memory Device

Mercury Systems, Inc, announced volume production of its newest high density secure memory device, embedding 8GB of double data rate third-generation synchronous dynamic random-access memory (DDR3 SDRAM) in a military-hardened ball grid array (BGA) package. Available in both x64 and x72 architectures, Mercury’s latest product is the defense industry’s highest capacity ruggedized memory device. Offering a 40% reduction in physical footprint over discrete components packages, this new offering is ideally suited for high-performance computing systems demanding SWaP-optimized memory with data transfer speeds up to 1600 Mb/s.

“The 8GB DDR3 high density secure memory device is our highest capacity DRAM product to date, addressing the storage needs of our customers’ most data-intensive computing applications,” said Iain Mackie, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Microelectronics Secure Solutions group. “Mercury’s announcement today sets the industry standard for high-capacity DDR3 memory densified into a single, mechanically robust form factor.”

With the incorporation of additional sensor functionality, mission computing and sensor processing subsystems are tasked with analyzing multiple streams of data simultaneously. System performance is then constrained by a heavily taxed memory hierarchy, resulting in data transfers from high-speed memory to low-speed memory. Mercury’s innovative technology unburdens the memory hierarchy by doubling the capacity of its high-speed dense memory devices from 4GB to 8GB.

Military-grade memory devices are engineered to guarantee mechanical integrity and electrical functionality from -55 °C to +125 °C operating environments. Commercial- and industrial-grade products are also available for physically-constrained but less severe application environments. All product grades are interchangeable for use as either DDR3L (1.35V) or DDR3 (1.5V) memories.

Mercury’s memory products are designed and manufactured in a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) trusted facility in the United States. As a testament to Mercury’s unwavering commitment to industrial security excellence, several of its Advanced Microelectronics Center facilities have received a Superior Rating from the Defense Security Service (DSS). To ensure supply continuity, critical components are sourced exclusively from supply chain partners with domestic manufacturing facilities.

Source: Mercury Systems, Inc.
Date: Mar 24, 2017