ARA Launches Next Generation Border Security Sensor System

In response to recent United States (U.S.) Customs and Border Protection initiatives along the U.S. southern border, Applied Research Associates' Security Products Division announces the release of its Pathfinder sensor system design to improve border patrol agent efficiency and protection, reduce costs associated with individual pursuits, and prevent the defeat and/or compromise of anticipated border wall construction.

Currently employed and proven effective by the U.S. military in cross-border security, counter-terrorism, and counter-drug operations around the globe, Pathfinder's expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable attributes make it the ideal sensor solution to rapidly decrease border-related illegal immigration, drug smuggling, human trafficking, terrorist activity, and property vandalism.

Unlike other ground sensor systems on the market, Pathfinder's sensors can also be distributed or dispersed irregularly throughout border related areas and terrain to provide agents unique insight into immigration, terrorism, and drug related movement corridors, patterns, and activities. According to David Timian, Senior Vice President and Sector Manager at ARA, "Securing borders with Pathfinder is about the right space…not the whole space. It's about employing the minimum number of sensors to address immediate vulnerabilities FIRST and then progressively adding more, over time, as additional vulnerable areas are identified." By using Pathfinder's point detection capability, agents can now identify and monitor potential threats quicker.

Key Product Attributes:

  • Extended battery life (MINI sensor: 6-8 months; XL sensor: 24 months)
  • Focused detection radii and point detection capability
  • Long range detection reporting without the use of gateways and relays
  • Signal exfiltration in line of sight, non-line of sight and beyond line of sight conditions
  • Intelligent, machine learning algorithms
  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate
  • Static and mobile detection receipt and monitoring
  • Ruggedized sensor capable of withstanding a wide range of climates and terrains.

Source: Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Date: Mar 2, 2017