Wearable Technologies Market Ready to Charge Into the Multi-Billion Dollars Zone

The trend toward separating computing and sensing technology is accelerating, enhanced by the shrinking size of components that provide the user with far superior capacity than similar components of greater size and power demand. The U.S. Government has invested billions of dollars annually over the last decade in R&D with a corresponding push to patent and transition technology into programs of record and/or commercial products. They are seeking commercial partners and opening their patent portfolio for licensing deals.

The result is that, over the coming decade, the world’s wearable technologies market is expected to grow at a cumulative CAGR of nearly 40%, producing a total global market of nearly $8 billion.

That is one conclusion from an exhaustive analysis of the military and commercial wearable technology market, led by Dr. Bruce Floersheim, the COO of GO XTUDIO (www.goxtudio.com) and the Director of Operations for the Wearable Robotics Association (www.wearablerobotics.com).

Wearables include a host of technologies being integrated into the ‘Soldier System’ and into a variety of other civilian systems and components in ways not previously possible. These technologies actively enhance safety, situational awareness (local and global) and operational performance.

This multiple-scenario Market Forecast report presents a summary and assessment of current commercial and military wearable technologies, their projected evolutionary paths over the next decade, and the implications of both technical and political influence on the global markets.

This report is a must-have if you have anything do with wearable technologies.

Don’t miss out if you are one of the following:

  • Business Leaders & Business Developers
  • Display Manufacturers
  • Electrical Component Manufacturers
  • Software Developers
  • Medical and Health Insurance Professionals
  • Sports Professionals and Recreational Equipment Apparel Manufacturers
  • Government Policy Setters

This report addresses these technologies:

  • Head-up Displays (HUDs)
  • Embedded sensors
  • Advanced textiles
  • Embedded computing
  • Energy Harvesters
  • Exo-skeleton
  • Communications

To learn more about this rapidly evolving sector and about the opportunities it opens both in the commercial and military areas, please go to: Global Wearable Technologies Market Forecast to 2025

Source: Market Forecast.
Date: Feb 24, 2017