Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2017 Conference

The Gathering of the World's Air Defence Community

With the proliferation of UAVs of various sizes, the increasing number of (ballistic) missile-equipped nations and growing geopolitical uncertainty in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region in particular - Air and Missile Defence programmes and requirements are understandably evolving at a rapid pace.

The value of the Air and Missile Defence market is estimated to reach in excess of $35 billion by 2025.

Over the last decade IAMD has established itself as the chosen forum for the global air defence community - discussing strategy, best practice, emerging technologies, and methods for enabling greater cooperation between international partners and allies.

Given the ever increasing threat of radical institutions (both state and non-state) with access to weapons of mass destruction, it is critical that the global air and missile defence community meet once again and discuss how we can best protect our national security and infrastructure against these rising threats.

With this in mind the 10th annual Integrated Air & Missile Defence conference will take place on 29-30 March in London, England.

This year's key questions include:

  • How can air defenders be aided by the OEM and systems integrators to smooth the transition from legacy to contemporary assets?
  • As threats become increasingly varied, what options are there for multi-modal air defence systems, such as directed energy, which can engage a range of targets? What benefits and limitations to these futuristic systems?
  • In what ways can nations increase the integration of Air Defences across different planes, for example Ground-Based and Sea-Based, in an effort to create a more seamless reactive capability?
  • What lessons can be transferred between GBAD commanders in different regions of the world, in terms of meeting operational challenges?

''The base tour was excellent, plus the event allowed presentations from countries and discussions about radar and missile integration''
VProgram Manager, ASELAN

''A great opportunity to meet relevant players in the field of ISR and security affairs''
Image Analyst, SatCen

''Valuable conference.''
Technical Consultant, Norconsult Telematics

''Great insight on western IADS capabilities and weaknesses''
Intel Analyst, US Air Force

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  • Colonel Nick Sawyer, Commander, UK Joint Ground Based Air Defence HQ
  • Colonel Jaroslav Ackermann, Chief, Ground Based Air Defence and Deputy Commander, 25th Air Defence Missile Regiment, Czech General Staff
  • Major Rick Grundevik, Head of the Air Defence Development Branch, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Peter Gielen, Chief, GBAD, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Manfred Eggers, Programme Manager, Communications, Air and Missile Defense Programme, NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • Jakub Cimoradsky, Staff Officer, IAMD Section, NATO
  • Senior Representative, Air & Missile Defence Command, Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Wing Commander Alun Walton, SO1 Air C2 Dev, DACOS Development 1, UK MoD
  • Doug Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, IISS
  • Riki Ellison, Chairman and Founder, Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance
  • Brigadier General Christopher L. Spillman, Commander, 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army
  • Brigadier General Michael Gschoßmann, Director, Ground Based Operations, German Air Force
  • Brigadier General Antonello Messenio Zanitti, Commander, Air Defence, Italian Army
  • Manor Moshe Col. (res.), Senior Consultant, ELTA
  • Air Commodore Peter Round, Director Capability, Armament & Technology, European Defence Agency
  • Peter "Woody" Woodmansee, Chief, Integrated Air & Missile Defense, HQ USEUCOM
  • Colonel Valerian Ursu, Deputy Commander, Moldovan National Army Air Force
  • Colonel Arnt Kuebart, Commander, Air and Missile Defense Wing 1, German Air Forc

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 22, 2017