Military Flight Training Conference 2017

The Community's Annual General Meeting Shaping the Future of Military Fixed Wing and Rotary Flight Training Requirements, Capabilities and Technologies

Over its 16 year history the Military Flight Training Community's Annual General Meeting, brings together over 275 Chiefs of Staff, Commanders of Air Training, Heads of Air Procurement, Heads of Simulation & Synthetic Training and industry executives from across the globe to discuss the challenges and success shaping military flight training for now and the future.

In doing so it provides a rare platform to share lessons learned and best practice in current fixed wing and rotary military flight training requirements, capabilities and programmes, engaging in international collaboration on a very real level with key allies and strengthen the message of cooperation with counterparts across the world.

Military Flight Training is organized with the support and direction of Senior Leaders from across the military and industry sectors of the flight training community. With this in mind, each presentation topic and guest speaker has been specifically selected inline with the priorities and recommendations of the community to ensure it provides attendees with the critical information they need to solve their daily flight training challenges.

Military Flight Training: What the event offers

Every year, the Military Flight Training event takes place in London, UK, to bring together the best minds in the community, including military leadership, solution providers and aviation instructors. Unparalleled as a conference in this space, this global forum is the must-attend event to understand the challenges for tomorrow's pilots and to network with the world's leading Primes and Tier Two providers. Don't just take our word for it - find out what our recent attendees thought...

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  • Air General Francisco Javier García Arnaiz, Chief of the Air Force Staff, Spanish Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Helmut Schütz, Commander, Air Force Forces Command, German Air Force
  • Major General Richard Felton, Commander Joint Helicopter Command, UK MoD
  • Major General Rodolfo Pereyra, Chief of Operations, Peruvian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Dariusz Malinowski, Commander of the 2nd Tactical Wing, Polish Air Force
  • Brigadier General David Cochrane, Commander 2 Canadian Air Division, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Michel Lalumière, Director Force Development, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Major General Antonio Bettelli, Commander Army Aviation, Italian Army
  • Commodore Gerhard Polet, Commander, Defence Helicopter Command, Armed Forces of the Netherlands
  • Brigadier General Uwe Klein, Director, Army Aviation, German Army
  • Brigadier General Peter Soller, Commander Flight Training Unit 31, Swiss Air Force
  • Colonel Rob Cioppa, Chief Flight Operations Division, Air Combat Command, US Air Force
  • Mr Stephan Lyon, Flying Training Lead Integrator, US Air Force
  • Colonel Amit Avitan, Head of Flight Training, Israeli Air Force
  • Colonel Jerome Lacroix Leclair, Commander Flying Schools Command, French Air Force
  • Major Michael Rosenquist, Deputy Commander, Flight School, Swedish Air Force
  • Mr. Steve Lyon, Lead Flying Training Integrator, Air Education Training Command, US Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Dag Simastuen, Commander, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Colone David Drichta, Chief, Undergraduate Flying Training Division, US Air Force
  • Major General William Gayler, Commander, US Army
  • Colonel Eberhard von Wintzingerode-Knorr, Section Chief Flying Training Operations, Flying Operations Directorate, German Air Force
  • Major Olivier Wilhelm, Swiss Air Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 21, 2017