COJOT finalizes its active handheld antenna - achieving a more than 10 dB gain improvement

COJOT releases a highly efficient handheld version of its actively matched wideband antennas. The TA30512H, an adaptive handheld antenna for the 30 – 520 MHz frequency band, is the latest member in the COJOT Mission Adaptive Antenna Family.

The new TA30512H is a short whip antenna, with a slim mechanical design, that is tuned via the RF connector to use the optimum matching circuitry at a particular frequency. With a total height of only 440 mm it achieves up to more than 10 dB better gain compared with a passive antenna of similar physical size.

Tuomas Reinvuo, R&D Manager at COJOT: “The TA30512H completes our ambitions in expanding the active matching technology to all relevant radio platforms. Since the launch of our first active antenna - the vehicle model TA30512M- back in 2013, we have been heavily working on bringing this future technology forward. Today we have five different adaptive antenna types available that enable us to offer a perfect fit to many VHF/UHF vehicle, manpack and handheld radio communication systems. I am very pleased about the positive feedback that we have been receiving so far and extremely excited about the near future, as we are already engaged in a couple of opportunities with various radio manufacturers around the world.”

Source: COJOT
Date: Feb 14, 2017