Factory Acceptance Testing of Flight Operations System for JWST Completed

Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) completed factory acceptance testing of the flight operations system for the James Webb Space Telescope . With seven times the light-collecting power of its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope, this next-generation telescope will gather data and images of dust clouds, stars and galaxies deeper into space.  

Over 800 requirements were successfully verified on the JWST ground control system during the testing conducted at Raytheon's Aurora, Colorado , facility, bringing NASA's next space observatory one step closer to the scheduled 2018 launch.

JWST takes observations in the infrared spectrum to penetrate cosmic dust to reveal the universe's first galaxies, while observing newly forming planetary systems. JWST is expected to make observations for five years, will carry enough fuel for 10 years, and is designed to withstand impacts of space debris as it orbits far beyond the Earth's Moon.   

Raytheon installed the ground control system for JWST on the campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland , under contract to the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Jan 25, 2017