Operational Energy Summit

Enabling Global Power Projection: Strategies to Provide Robust, Flexible Energy Solutions for the Future Force

DOD relies on operational energy to train, move, and conduct missions around the globe. From vehicles, to communications and weapon systems,the mission can only go so far as the energy source that powers it. In the complex, global environment it is imperative that we do not let the power projection of our armed forces be limited by the logistics trains that supply them. Solutions like energy harvesting, storage, and waste management can help to build the speed, endurance, and range that our joint forces are able to conduct operations around the world.

Tactical Power 2017 provides a forum for policy makers and technology leaders to come together to solve some of DODs operational energy challenges. We will examine and explore critical focus areas such as energy harvesting and storage, waste management, next generation power sources, reviewing the 2016 Operational Energy Strategy and overviews of each branches challenges and their plan going forward. This exchange will encourage an innovative and productive discussion on how industry can support ongoing efforts, and provide the solutions that will enable our Military to win the future fight.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Review the 2016 Operational Energy Strategy and Analyze the progress made
  • Determine New Priorities for the Future Development and Acquisition of Energy Resources
  • Discuss Operational Energy Initiatives with foremost Providers of Tactical Power Solutions
  • Hear first hand about the Future of Energy Policies of all the Military Services
  • Learn about Upcoming Requirements and Initiatives for Military Expeditionary Energy Programs


''Very informative with good presentations and clear definition of today's situation and future vision. Good questions/discussions.''

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  • COL (Ret) Paul Roege, Chairperson and Fomer Chief, Army Operational Energy Office, U.S. Army

Featured Speakers

  • Mr. Jack Surash, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Energy &Sustainability), Assistant Secretary of the Army, IE&E
  • Mark Correll, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety and Inf, U.S. Air Force
  • Mr. James Caley, Director for Operational Energy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy)
  • RDML Louis Cariello, Director, Energy and Environmental Readiness Division (OPNAV N45), U.S. Navy
  • Colonel Brian Magnuson, Executive Director, Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office, United States Marine Corps
  • Mr. John Howell, Project Director, Soldier Systems & Integration, PEO Soldier
  • Mr. Ryan Umstattd, PhD, Senior Commercialization Advisor, ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Ms. Endy Daehner PhD, Physical Scientist, RAND Coporation
  • Mr. Alex Askari, Power Systems Engineer, NSWC Caderock
  • Jose Collazo, Chemical Engineer, CERDEC
  • Kinetic Energy Harvesting Team, CP&I Directorate, CERDEC
  • Kurt Andrews, Lead, TROPEC Field Experimentation Team, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
  • Tom Decker, Operational Energy Program Manager, ERDC-CERL
  • Thomas Bozada, Project Manager, Tactical Microgrid Standards Consortium, U.S. Army ERDC
  • Chris Bolton, Lead Engineer and Technology Management Division Chief, PM Expeditionary Energy and Sustainment Systems, PEO CS & CSS
  • Argenis Bilbao, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics (P3E), Texas Tech University

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jan 10, 2017