Joint Tactical Networks Summit

Our 2017 Joint Tactical Networks Summit will engage the DoD, Government Agencies, partner nations, industry and academia in a collaborative, open forum to discuss technological solutions and best practices to enhance the Joint Force's ability to communicate and exchange information across multiple operating domains. This Summit will focus on enhancing tactical data linkage tools and network architectures to provide advanced communication capabilities for Joint Forces when concerning multi-domain operations.

Topics to be covered at the 2017 Summit

  • Updates on Network Architecture Modernization for Enhanced Joint Force Communication Capability
  • Building Tactical Data Links Capabilities for Greater Communication Resiliency
  • Advancing Multi-Domain Network Architectures for Cross Domain Operations
  • Enhancing Network Capacity to Support Reliable Communication in an Expeditionary Environment
  • Updates on JCN and BCN Capabilities
  • Leveraging Software-Defined Networking Processes for Agile Network Response
  • Tactical Communication Considerations in Pacific AOR
  • Developing Cybersecurity Strategies to Strengthen Network Architecture Security
  • SATCOM Initiatives Supporting Multi-Domain Communication Capabilities

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Why You Should Attend This Summit

In all mission sets, the ability to effectively communicate from the command level to the tactical level is of the utmost importance. It is especially important when considering joint force cooperation across multiple operating domains, as the ability to connect and communicate across various network architectures becomes increasingly difficult.

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In order to fight in a multi-domain, joint environment, military services need the strength of an effective and efficient network to support communication capabilities. To support these capabilities, this Summit will examine the various initiatives regarding tactical data link tools, waveform standards, as well as numerous other wireless communication technologies and trends.

The Joint Tactical Networks Summit will focus on the technologies, policies, and strategies that enable robust communication systems and advanced network architectures to facilitate joint cooperation in a multiple domain environment to support mission success.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summits' content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in the Communication and Network communities both military and civil offices, along with key leaders in industry. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all involved organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decisions makers and solution providers.


''We need a degree of jointness, in my opinion, in which no one military service dominates and domain has a fixed boundary. A combatant commander must be able to create effects from an single domain to target our Military Services need the network capabilities in every domain in order to fight tonight and win''
ADM Harry Harris, Commander PACCOM, October, 2016

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2017 Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Brig. Gen. Lawrence F. Thoms, USA, Commander, 311th Signal Command (Theatre)
  • Brig. Gen. Welton Chase Jr., USA, Commanding General, U.S. Army 7th Signal Command (Theatre)
  • James J. Mercer, Director, Joint Tactical Networking Center
  • CAPT Robert D. Croxson, USN, PM, MIDS Program Office (PMA/PMW-101), NAVAIR
  • Col Geoffrey Weiss, USAF, Commander, 505th Test & Evaluation Group, Nellis Air Force Base, 505th Command and Control Wing
  • Dr. Albert Legaspi, Senior Technologist (ST) Tactical and Enterprise Networks, SPAWAR Systems Center-Pacific
  • Jim Churchill, Active Program Manager, PMW 160, U.S. Navy PEO C4I
  • David Narkevicius, OSD/CIO, C4III, OASD NII
  • Col Michael S. Erickson, USAF, Chief, Space & IAMD Division, U.S. Pacific Command
  • CAPT Herman Archibald, USN, Commanding Officer, NCTAMS PAC

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Dec 20, 2016