New, Individualized Training App for Soldiers

Defense and security company Saab has developed a new app called WE:Go for soldiers using Saab’s GAMER instrumented training system.

Currently, most training after-action reviews present the exercise results to the entire group, platoon or company. Saab’s app, WE:Go, takes this process one step further by focusing on each individual soldier’s results. The app automatically downloads each soldier’s data from the GAMER system onto a smart phone or tablet; it provides the participant’s positions, movements, weapon engagements, rounds fired, number of hits and misses, and wounds sustained throughout the exercise. Other data, such as video from helmet cameras, can be replayed in the app.

“High-fidelity training is essential to build a soldier’s confidence. With WE:Go’s ability to deliver individual results to each soldier, he or she can reach that level of confidence sooner than ever,” says Åsa Thegström, head of Saab business unit Training & Simulation.

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“Saab believes that this app will increase soldier motivation and make exercise follow-up more effective and rewarding,” continues Thegström.

WE:Go is exclusive to Saab customers, and will be included in future upgrades of the GAMER system.

Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Dec 16, 2016