C-Flex Multi-Link Systems for Romanian Navy

(Herlev, Denmark, February 2006) -- The Romanian Navy has signed a contract with Terma for the supply of the C-Flex Command and Control Systems with multi-link capability for their frigates. The systems, configured for Link-11 operations, are to be delivered, installed, and set to work within the 2006 calendar year. The contracted C-Flex systems equipped with advanced Multi-Function Consoles and ship system interfaces are prepared for future Link-16 and Link-22 implementations and thus ensures the Romanian Navy of data-link interoperability with other NATO nations far into the 21st century. The Terma C-Flex system is newly developed and is the result of a close cooperation with the Danish Defense. Since early 2004, the first C-Flex system has been operational in the HDMS LOMMEN, a unit of the Danish Standard Flex 300 fleet. In the course of 2006, deliveries will commence of C-Flex Command and Control Systems for the new Danish flexible support ships, the ABSALON and the ESBERN SNARE, in which a wide range of weapon and sensor systems will be controlled from more than twenty C-Flex Multi-Function Consoles in operations and staff rooms of the ships. Terma has invested quite significantly in the development of these systems that are based on an Open Architecture, which can fully utilize a wide range of commercial computer units. This means that the systems can be maintained and be kept up to date with the very fast technological evolution at comparatively modest prices. Terma's new command- and control basis software, T-Core forms the functional platform of the systems. T-Core can be utilized in large as well as small system configurations without changes or costly adaptations. Likewise, the system is not limited to naval applications, but may be the basis for Army and Air Force command systems with equally great effect, already demonstrated in the Danish Army Low Level Air Defense program. The Romanian contract was won ahead of a number of international competitors and signifies a break-through for the new generation of Terma Command and Control systems on the international market. The C-Flex system in a similar, small configuration is particularly well suited and cost effective for Ocean Patrol Vessels, and Terma is expecting new contracts of a similar nature in the future. Terma Terma is a leading defence company in Denmark and a proven developer of products and systems for a number of civil and military applications including naval command and control and electronic warfare systems, S/X-band radar and radar systems, air defence systems, applications and services for space, air traffic management, airborne electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance systems and aeronautic structures for high-performance military aircraft. The company, headquartered in Lystrup, Denmark has sites in a number of European countries and in the U.S.; employs approximately 1,100 people and had 2004/05 revenues of approximately USD 200M. Additional information about Terma is available at www.terma.com CONTACT: Thomas Blom, Director, Business Development, Naval Integrated Systems Telephone: +45 8743 6000 Cell phone: +45 4044 5513 E-mail: thb@terma.com

Source: Terma
Date: Feb 15, 2006

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