GKN Aerospace's Fokker business announces Air Iceland order for ADS-B Out

GKN Aerospace’s business unit Fokker received an order from Air Iceland (Flugfelag Islands) for the introduction of the ADS-B Out modification on the Dash 8-Q200 and Dash 8-Q400.

ADS-B out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) is a common system on-board many aircraft that automatically broadcasts relevant data from the aircraft towards air traffic management organizations. ADS-B out data includes the identity of the aircraft, the GPS location and direction of flight. The current ADS-B out systems need to be improved, to ensure higher accuracy and reliability of the broadcasted data. Once this is achieved, it will become possible to optimize the airspace, fly more economical routes in terms of costs and energy use, and minimize the use of ground radar stations.

A new version of ADS-B out, ensuring the improved data accuracy and reliability, is mandated on all flying aircraft in both Europe and the US by 2020. The ADS-B out mandate in 2020 requires a retrofit to almost all aircraft currently flying. The retrofit involves an upgrade or replacement of two major cockpit systems: the ATC Transponder and GPS Receiver.

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Fokker Services has positioned itself as a full solution provider for aircraft operators to comply to the ADS-B out mandate. This includes a fully certified design (STC), all updates of relevant aircraft documentation, a complete modification kit to install on the aircraft and installation support. Extensive experience in upgrading cockpit systems on a wide range of aircraft ensures Fokker Services’ capability to service all commonly used aircraft platforms.

Air Iceland marks the start of the ADS-B Out program for Fokker Services. With its innovative product offering, Fokker expects to gain substantial market share in both the US and EU market for ADS-B out retrofits, driving revenue in its modification business line for the next few years.

Ed Bakkum , Regional Sales Manager at Fokker Services said: “Air Iceland is running a major operation with thousands of flights per year. We are pleased and proud that we again can contribute to this operation with our innovative ADS-B Out solution and to further emphasize our long lasting relationship .”

Source: Fokker Technologies
Date: Nov 21, 2016