FACE Conformance Certificate for RNP RNAV capable FMS

Rockwell Collins, a leader in developing open systems architecture avionics solutions, announced that it has received the very first Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Conformance Certificate for its Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Area Navigation (RNAV) capable Mission Flight Management Software (MFMS). This certificate identifies the MFMS-1000 software product as conformant to the FACE Technical Standard Edition 2.1, the latest open architecture software standard for creating portable and reusable software.

According to The Open Group FACE Consortium, FACE Certification proves that a software component has successfully been through an independent verification and certification process defined by the FACE Conformance Program. This includes technical verification by a designated Verification Authority (VA) and subsequent certification by the FACE Certification Authority (CA).

"This is an important milestone for reducing system costs," said Heather Robertson, senior director of Rotary Wing Solutions for Rockwell Collins. "Conforming to the FACE Standard ensures this product is architected to work across multiple avionics implementations, reducing test time and ultimately increasing rapid, affordable deployment of innovation."

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The Rockwell Collins MFMS-1000 is a ready to integrate solution forming the core of an advanced flight management capability that is easily customized through its open architecture interfaces. These application programming interfaces, along with our pre-built and verified capabilities options, enable the MFMS-1000’s navigation, flight plan management and guidance capabilities to seamlessly integrate with existing mission systems and functions.

Source: Rockwell Collins
Date: Oct 25, 2016