Big Data for Intelligence Symposium

Our Big Data for Intelligence Symposium is designed as an educational and training ''Town Hall'' forum that will provide members of the Intelligence Community, US military commands, government agencies, academia, and technology providers the opportunity to explore more effective and efficient ways of leveraging the power of big data for intelligence processing and exploitation purposes.

New Topics For This Year's Symposium Include:

  • Delivering standardized, innovative, technology-based capabilities to solve big data intelligence challenges
  • Leveraging the combat cloud to produce a comprehensive picture of the battlespace in real time
  • Finding innovative ways to utilize existing technology and discover new outcomes for big data
  • Developing innovative ways to transform big data into actionable intelligence
  • Developing innovative policies and technological solutions to shape future enterprise systems
  • Acquiring the technological capabilities to transition into the next immersive phase of intelligence
  • Finding the most effective ways to maximize the potential uses of big data
  • Securing advanced tools to better find and synthesize open-source intelligence


Why Should you Attend the 2016 Symposium:

  • Intelligence Analysts are struggling to keep up with the exponential increase of raw information produced by rapid advances in data collection. The growth of intelligence data is significant, but the challenge now is to develop processes and analytic solutions that can more efficiently harness the tremendous power of big data.
  • This year's Symposium will provide intelligence organizations across the government with the opportunity to explore new policies and technological solutions that can be used to more effectively exploit large, unstructured data sets in order to produce actionable intelligence for government and partners within the Intelligence Community
  • Join this year's discussion as government, industry, academia, and solution providers come together to discuss the innovative strategies, procedures and technological solutions needed to enable the government to more effectively leverage the big data opportunity!

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2016 Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Gregory Treverton, Chairman, National Intelligence Council
  • Peter Highnam, Director, InnoVision, NGA
  • Neil Ziring, Technical Director, Information Assurance Directorate, NSA
  • Jeffrey Eggers, SES, Chief Technology Officer, DCS for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, USAF
  • Jennifer Edgin, CTO, Marine Corps Intelligence
  • Jerry Hill, Senior Technical Advisor, Technical Collection and Special Programs, OUSD(I)
  • Nick Andersen, CIO, Information Warfare, N2N6
  • Seth Goldstein, Program Manager, Hybrid Forecasting Competition, IARPA
  • Micah Abrams, Chief Architect, G7 Integration and Assessment Division, INSCOM
  • Michael D. Bender, Director, Laboratory for Analytical Sciences, NC State University

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 24, 2016