Behlman VPXtra 3U and 6U power supplies can be reconfigured to give system designers anywhere in the world greater flexibility, improved system performance, and lower total cost

Behlman Electronics Inc., is known for its global leadership in providing power products for industrial and commercial applications, as well as for military shipboard, airborne and mobile programs. Working within its new VPXtra™ Reconfiguration Program, Behlman has modified the VPXtra™500M to create the new VPXtra™500M1, with 80 amps of 5 VDC output. This unit, in conjunction with the standard VPXtra™500M, can supply 120 Amps of 5 VDC along with the customer-required 12 VDC and 3.3 VDC.

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In 2012, Behlman broke through the VPX power ceiling. That raised the bar higher than ever before, for the amount of power available in a single VPX power supply.

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In 2015, Behlman broke through the VPX power intelligence ceiling. That enabled lower-cost creation of smarter systems having communication, measurement and control capability provided by the power supply.

Now, in 2016, Behlman has broken through the VPX power supply reconfiguration ceiling, enabling designers anywhere in the world to specify – and receive – unique configurations that exactly meet their needs.

According to Behlman President, Ron Storm, “We listened to what many customers told us about their inability to maximize system performance using only standard VPX power products. As a result, we embarked on an ambitious reconfiguration program that lets design engineers ‘have it their way.’

Today, Behlman conducts in-person, telephone, and video-teleconferences with concerned system designers, in which they specify and discuss their typical and non-typical VPX power supply requirements, which can vary significantly from system to system. Variables can run from different power levels of the standard voltages, to mechanical configurations, such as connectors, user-defined pins, and general interfaces. EMI filtering and hold-up requirements, as well as transient and lightning protection are other possible considerations. All-in-all, it turns out that industry standards set for VPX power supplies do not always satisfy the needs of systems requiring VPX power supplies.

The new Behlman VPXtra™ Reconfiguration Program is designed to address all these needs, and more. This program has already resulted in an impressive list of new, non-typical, COTS VPX power supply models (3U 3-phase AC to DC; High Voltage Hold-up card, Low Voltage Hold-up card; PS with extra 5 VDC, 6U 3-phase and single-phase AC to DC, PS with extra 12 VDC, PS with extra 5 VDC). But that is only the beginning. Behlman now invites all system designer to request additional system-specific VPXtra™ reconfigurations, without the cost of full-custom development.

Source: Behlman Electronics Inc.
Date: Oct 24, 2016