Jeppesen Bringing It Together - Offering a Total Mission Solution

(ENGLEWOOD, COLO., February 10, 2006) -- Jeppesen has unveiled a total mission solution concept for the commercial and military aviation markets. At its core, the concept is composed of solutions that guide customers through a digital transformation at their own pace. Jeppesen is the only company able to offer its customers the robust solutions necessary to support all phases of an EFB implementation. More than just tools and technology, Jeppesen has the experience and resources to ensure success. Only Jeppesen has multi-class, multi-platform options and a toolset that can ensure common functionality across all. Coupled with business processes that integrate legacy systems and processes, only Jeppesen can deliver the real-world solutions which successfully answer the challenges of making the digital transition. The solution consists of the award-winning Airport Moving Map that uses advanced technology to dynamically render detailed airport maps from an underlying database, terminal charts, performance calculations, electronic document browser, Internet-based ground tools for accessing charts and other information, document management services, Jeppesen’s Data Distribution and Management (DDM) system, and 24/7 worldwide customer support. Jeppesen’s Enroute Moving Map for EFBs is also an advanced database driven application and will be available in mid-2006. Jeppesen is a trusted and respected source of aeronautical information with over 70 years of experience. By leveraging this expertise with a constant focus on customer requirements, Jeppesen is able to partner with operators so they can smoothly and comfortably transition from paper, to less paper, to a fully digital flight deck. As a result of working agreements with both Boeing and Airbus, Jeppesen can deploy its solutions in a mixed fleet environment, and across Class 1, 2 or 3 EFB platforms. Jeppesen has also formed several hardware and integrator relationships to serve customers who have selected retrofit solutions and plan to implement EFB without airframe OEM assistance. Jeppesen is the only company able to maintain EFB data and software continuity across diverse fleets of new and existing aircraft, and across varying hardware devices. All or parts of Jeppesen’s total mission solution are currently in revenue service with five airlines around the world: KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, EVA Air, and Air New Zealand. Additional airlines are completing contracts with Jeppesen to launch the EFB software suite on the ground and in the air during 2006. 2006 plans also include agreements with both Boeing and Airbus to include the software as an option on new airframes. “Jeppesen customers benefit from our many years of expertise and innovation,” said Thomas Wede, senior vice president, Commercial and Military Aviation. “We have built upon our reputation of world-class quality and reliability to take the most advanced aviation technology to the market.” He added, “Not only do we give our customers the most advanced technology, but we also offer the management tools and business process best practices such as integrated pricing and integrated paper management that allows them the move at their own pace toward a digital environment.” According to Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen president and COO, “Airlines have relied on us for world class products and services for over 70 years. We will be their preferred partner for the next 70. They trusted us then. They can trust us now.” Jeppesen is recognized as the world's foremost provider of information solutions in the aviation and soon-to-be maritime markets. Jeppesen's portfolio includes: worldwide flight information, flight operations services, international trip planning services, aviation weather services and aviation training systems. Jeppesen's marine division will soon produce a full line of navigation solutions and global maritime data services. Jeppesen has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, China, France and Russia. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. For additional information call (800) 353-2108, or visit In the Eastern Hemisphere call +49 6102 5070. Jeppesen product and corporate information is available online at Media Contact: Eric Anderson 303-328-4767

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Feb 12, 2006