Aircraft Economic Life Summit 2016

With only 535 aircraft retirements (i.e. scrapped) in 2014, compared to 724 in 2013, has the retirement peak passed? Is this a function of low oil prices stimulating the continued use of less fuel efficient aircraft? Are we seeing less, or more, instances of the 'premature' retirement of current generation assets? What effect is the continued level of retirements having on the supply of spare engines and spare parts? What will happen when the oil price climbs again? How will the 'composite generation' of A350XWBs and Boeing 787s change the economic life equilibrium? Age is one aspect of economic life - but what about asset values?

The debate regarding the useful economic life of aircraft continues unabated. Historical patterns, the learned observations of experts, and healthy discussion will resume at this 2nd Economic Life Forum from Everest Events.

If you own, operate, finance, lease or invest in commercial aircraft, regardless of their age or vintage, you should attend and hear the industry's key participants engage in informed debate. Knowing what's in and what's out of favour, where the opportunities lie, and what can be done with end of life assets, will provide delegates with a heads start on the competition.

This course will provide the latest findings for both aviation specialists and for new entrants to commercial aviation.

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  • The 'mechanics' of aircraft retirement - how to maximise value recovery
  • Determining your options in the aircraft's 'end of life' phase
  • Transaction Analysis - how trading patterns can influence the residual value and life of an asset
  • Which asset classes and types will be best positioned to benefit from airline demand?
  • How will maintenance condition influence the 'life' decision?
  • How significant a role will the Lessors play in determining economic life?

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  • Les Weal, Director, Oriel
  • Eddy Pieniazek, Consultant, Pieniazek Consulting
  • Polis Polycarpou, SVP Head of Airline Market Research, DVB Bank
  • Rob Morris, Head of Consultancy, Ascend Flightglobal
  • Bert Van Leeuwen, MD Aviation Research, DVB Bank
  • Steve Mason, Director, Head of Aircraft Evaluation and Asset Strategy, CIT Aerospace
  • Mark Pearman-Wright, Head of Leasing & Speciality Markets, Airbus
  • Konrad Blocher, Strategy & Risk, Goshawk
  • Ed Hansom, Chief Investment Officer, Aviation Finance Co. Ltd
  • Paul Sheridan, SVP Risk & Capital Markets, Accipiter Holdings Ltd
  • Killian Croke, Director Aviation Finance & Leasing, KPMG
  • Patrick Lucey, Manager, Strategy & Planning
  • Shane Matthews, SVP Risk & Capital Markets, SMBC Aviation Capital
  • Bill Cumberlidge, Chairman & Chief Commercial Officer, GC Aviation Partners Ltd
  • Gerry Butler, Portfolio Management/Origination/Remarketing/Merx Aviation Finance
  • Bradley Gregory, Commercial Director, Air Salvage International Ltd
  • Guenter Gering, Used Parts Process Manager, Satair Group
  • Mike Corne, Commercial Director, eCube Solutions
  • Helen Jiang, Technical Fellow, Boeing
  • Mark Elgar, Vice President Sales, AWAS
  • Pascal Picano, Head of Global Marketing, Apollo Aviation
  • David Rushe, Sales & Marketing Manager, Magellan Aviation Group
  • Bob James, Managing Director, AerFin
  • Rodrigo Silva e Souza, Director of Marketing, Embraer
  • Luke Frost, Lean and Continuous Improvement Black Belt, KLM UK Engineering Ltd
  • Eamonn Cronin, Head of Trading & Re-Marketing, Acumen Aviation
  • Mike Yeomans, Senior Aviation Analyst, International Bureau of Aviation
  • James Bennett, Director Sales & Marketing, Aerfin

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 14, 2016