Smarter Borders 2016 Conference

Borders Beyond Brexit: The Future of Border Management in Europe

As the international gathering of border security experts and stakeholders, Smarter Borders 2016 will consider the operational and practical relationship between the UK & Europe alongside the huge shifts in European border protection strategy and programme implementation.

The challenge of unprecedented demographic trends, irregular migration patterns and the complexity of the geopolitical context in 2016 aligned with extensive technological developments in the implementations of "smart" border systems delivers an exciting and challenging background to the established forum for border security professionals from government, NGOs and the private sector.

Featuring policymakers from across the European continent and beyond, this year's conference will aim to advance discussions across a whole range of issues, ensuring that we solve the crises of today and plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Attend this year's conference to:

  • Explore British and European insights on the impact of Brexit for border control and security
  • Engage with a wide cross-section of border security stakeholders from government, port-of-entry and carrier perspectives
  • Benefit from brand new discussion topics covering smart cargo management at the border, knowledge share between land/air/sea port-of-entry, Brexit and a focus day on coherent security and border control beyond the border
  • Contribute and be heard on the critical issues for border stakeholders in our most interactive agenda ever

New For 2016:

  • Full debrief in the wake of the UK's decision to withdraw from the European Union
  • Reform to preserve: Protecting the Schengen agreement through the full roll out the European Commission's Entry-Exit System
  • Coherent security: border control from beyond the border and the 'whole of government approach' to border security
  • Cargo management at the border across all ports-of-entry

SMARTER BORDERS 2016: Delivering cooperation and coherence to solve the crises of today and plan for the challenges of tomorrow

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Early-confirmed speakers:

  • Krum Garkov, Executive Director, eu-LISA
  • Mr Sebahattin Öztürk, Deputy Interior Minister, Government of Turkey
  • Rob Rozenberg, Head of Information Systems for Borders & Security, Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs
  • Tony Smith CBE, Former Head, UK Border Force & Managing Director, Fortinus Global
  • Dr. Enrique Belda-Esplugues, Deputy Director General of Communications and Information Systems for Security, Spanish Ministry of the Interior
  • Kenneth Sava, Director, Trusted Traveller Programs, US Customs and Border Protection
  • Károly Szabó, Border Management Expert, Hungarian Ministry of Interior
  • Mr Antonis Kastrissianakis, Director, Security, Safety, Trade Facilitation, Rules of Origin & International Cooperation, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission
  • JiA(tm)í AOEelikovsky, Head of Schengen Cooperation, Czech Republic Ministry of the Interior
  • Samy Gardemeister, Director of Enforcement, Finnish Customs
  • Julien Coudray, Head of API/PNR Project, French Customs
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rebekka Straessle, Chief of Staff, Swiss Border Guard
  • Roman Vanek, Chief, Identity Documents and Special Tasks Division, Swiss Department of Justice and Police
  • Cosmin Floroiu, Border Security Advisor- EUCAP Sahel Mali, European External Action Service
  • Gordon Wright, Head of Cargo Border Management, International Air Transport Association
  • John Vine CBE QPM, Former Independent Chief inspector, UK Borders and Immigation
  • Marina Ripa-Braescu, Facilitation Manager, Swiss Airlines
  • Emmanuel Berton, Project Manager Border Controls, Aéroports de Paris
  • Dr. Michael Rupp, Head of Section C – Civil Society, Fundamental Rights, Judiciary and Home, Delegation of the European Union to Turkey
  • Burçe Ari, Sector Manager- Border Management and Visa Policy, Delegation of the European Union to Turkey
  • Matthew Finn, Managing Director, Augmentiq
  • Ian Neill, Director,
  • Isto Mattila, Research & Development Director- Coherent Security, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Ms Sandrine Trochu, Sales Director, Border Control Business Unit
  • Mr Christophe Rapine, Sales Director, API-PNR Border Management Systems
  • Mr Damien Hendrickx, Liaison Officer to the Migration Unit, EUCAP Sahel Mali
  • Ms Maegan Hendow, Research Officer, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
  • Ms Abigail Bradshaw, Minister-Counsellor Immigration and Border Protection, Regional Director Europe, Australian High Commission London
  • Ms Barbara Kostuk, Managing Director, Passenger Facilitation, Airlines for America
  • Mr Axel Klein, Senior Manager Customs & Authorities, Lufthansa Cargo
  • Professor Bernard Ryan, Professor of Migration Law, University of Leicester
  • Dr Juha Hintsa, Executive Director, Cross-Border Research Association
  • Ms Arabelle Bernecker, Senior Project Officer, International Centre for Migration Policy Development

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 13, 2016