Commercial Aircraft Disassembly, Dismantling & Recycling Market to be worth $5.6bn in 2016

The extensive economic and structural benefits of composite materials have resulted in the next generation of aircraft such as the Airbus A350 being made from 53% composite materials. However, carbon and plastic composites are difficult to recycle due to their bonding properties and their heterogeneous structures. The next 20 years will see significant investments into improving the recyclability of these materials in all sectors, especially the aviation and the motor industry

These findings are presented in the new 253 page report containing 221 Tables, charts and graphs that utilize visual representation in order to clarify trends and market projections within the commercial aviation market. The study provides a range of forecasts for the period 2016-2026 as well as for 4 submarket sectors:

  • Aircraft Storage
  • Aircraft Disassembly & Dismantling
  • Engine Teardown
  • Component Management

The 4 submarket forecasts are revealed at the global level and also for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World

In addition, these leading regional markets are analyzed over the period 2016-2026, while the ‘Rest of the World’ market includes analysis of other national markets. The report also provides profiles of 12 leading companies operating within the market, and includes an exclusive expert interview with Mark Gregory, Managing Director, Air Salvage International (ASI).

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Date: Sep 26, 2016