Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Market US$474M in 2016

The use of unmanned cargo aircraft (UCA) was set in motion with the first use of electronic flying aids during the onset of aviation as it is recognized today. In many ways the use of UCA is inevitable and in the long term future of aviation, will stand as a stepping stone towards the operation of unmanned passenger transportation. Manned cargo transportation is fast approaching the peak of its powers as aircraft designs are limited by the crew which are required to operate them as well as operators being restricted by inflexible aircraft designs which are restricted to traditional aircraft infrastructure and facilities in order to operate routes profitably and safely. UCA systems have now reached a point where a feasible and flexible alternative is presented to operators and prospective investors and stakeholders to increase the scope of airfreight operations exponentially over the next decade.  This opens the opportunity for new regions to be connected to the global cargo network and for remote regions to be connected to trading hubs across the world as well as unparalleled consumer convenience in urban centers and an exponential increase in logistical capabilities across the military and defense sectors.

The 282 page report contains 290 tables, charts and graphs that utilize visual representation in order to clarify trends and market projections within the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft market. The key player provides a range of forecasts for the period 2016-2026 as well as for four submarket sectors: Long range/High Payload Delivery Systems, Military Systems, Specialized/Irregular Delivery Systems, Urban Delivery Systems. The four submarket forecasts are revealed at the global level and also for each of the six leading regional markets.

The report also provides profiles of 20 leading companies that are either already operating within or likely to enter the market, and includes an exclusive expert interview with Dr. Hans Heerkens, Chairman of PUCA (Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, a European working group, see photo).

Notes for Editors:

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Sep 20, 2016