European Researchers Invited to Board 'Spaceship EAC'

The European Astronaut Centre is set to work with academia in tackling future space exploration challenges – an initiative known as ‘Spaceship EAC’.

EAC, based in Cologne, Germany, is now a participant in ESA’s long-running Networking/Partnering Initiative (NPI),  which supports work carried out by universities and research institutes on advanced technologies with potential space applications, including the ‘spin-in’ of new non-space technologies.

NPI can co-fund suitable PhD or post-doctoral investigations, while also providing access to ESA technical experts and specialist laboratories and helping to identify potential industrial partners for follow-up research and development.

Samantha Cristoforetti, ESA astronaut in charge of the programme, comments: “EAC welcomes proposals from universities and research organisations across ESA Member States for doctoral and post-doctoral research in technical domains relevant to our ‘Spaceship EAC’ concept.

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“Spaceship EAC aims to investigate innovative technologies and operational concepts in support of ESA’s exploration strategy.

“In accordance with the Global Exploration Roadmap, increasingly complex missions to cislunar space and the lunar surface are foreseen, commencing with robotic missions, followed by robotic/human cooperation –including surface rovers controlled by orbiting astronauts –to culminate in human surface missions.”


Source: European Space Agency (ESA)
Date: Sep 2, 2016