Datron Receives $495M IDIQ FMS Contract

Datron World Communications Inc., a US-based leading supplier of military radio equipment to the international marketplace, has received a five-year, $495M FMS IDIQ contract from the US Army Communications Electronic Command (CECOM) to provide international FMS customers with reliable HF and VHF military voice and data radio products; and vertical takeoff and landing small unmanned aircraft systems (VTOL sUAS). Earlier this year Datron was awarded a $13.4M spares contract to support existing fielded radios.

“The new award spotlights Datron’s past performance and future commitment to our international customers and the US Government FMS Program,” said Art Barter, President and CEO of Datron. “This contract will complement our customers’ fielded radios with additional support through new products and services.”

He added, “We believe this is a continued result of Datron’s purpose to positively impact the lives of others.”

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Source: Datron World Communications Inc.
Date: Sep 1, 2016