HawkEye 360 Selects GomSpace to Manufacture Pathfinder Mission Payload

HawkEye 360, Inc., which is developing a radio frequency (RF) detection and mapping system using a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), announced that it selected Danish space components company GomSpace to provide the payload for its Pathfinder cluster satellite mission.

GomSpace is providing their flight-proven software-defined radio platforms and antennas to serve as the payload for HawkEye 360’s Pathfinder mission, which is scheduled for launch and testing in late 2017. By utilizing GomSpace’s expertise and product line in small-satellite radio and antenna technology, HawkEye 360 is moving quickly to develop one of the world’s first privately funded space-based global wireless monitoring systems.

HawkEye 360’s small satellite constellation aims to enable commercial applications such as allowing government and corporate customers to dynamically monitor transportation networks across air, land and sea. For government regulators, telecommunications companies and satellite broadcasters, HawkEye 360’s system is being designed to be able to monitor RF spectrum usage to identify areas of interference. The system could also help to detect and locate activated emergency beacons to improve response times in life-threatening situations.

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“GomSpace has a strong, established set of small satellite components and payloads that have a proven space flight history and a record of technology innovation,” said Chris DeMay, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of HawkEye 360. “Selecting GomSpace marks an important step forward in our development of the on-orbit capabilities that will be able to serve government and commercial customers.”

Source: HawkEye 360, Inc.
Date: Aug 31, 2016