MEDEVAC 2016 Conference

MEDEVAC 2016 arrives during a critical period when research and development - and the opportunity to share ideas in this field - is being prioritised. After the withdrawal from large scale operations in the Middle East and having tackled the outbreak of the Ebola crisis, the MEDEVAC community is now preparing for future requirements of operating in both austere and urban environments in 2016, and beyond.

The conference is poised to build on the success of previous summits by creating a vital opportunity for medical service personnel to learn, share and connect with influencers, thought leaders and strategists. The objective of the conference is to enable the community to ensure that MEDEVAC requirements are met with readiness, capability and sufficient resource.

Providing the necessary holistic focus on MEDEVAC operations, the summit will deliver briefings from forward, tactical and strategic MEDEVAC perspectives and examine how to best approach operations in austere environments with poor ground based facilities, and how joint multinational cooperation and investment can help fulfil mission objectives.

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Emerging new technology and concepts will also be discussed, such as the viability of unmanned aerial MEDEVAC vehicles and the practicality of moving transfusion therapy to the point of injury.


Attend MEDEVAC 2016 to:

  • Hear the latest updates and operational case studies from UN peacekeeping operations and understand how multinational operations are continuing to adapt to austere environments in order to best organise your aeromedical resources
  • Inform future planning and budgeting decisions by gaining an understanding of how emerging technology over the next 5-10 years is going to increase MEDEVAC capacity whilst maintaining cost-efficiency
  • Communicate with- and understand how- military, industry and NGOs are able to cooperate and find solutions to resource problems without affecting quality of care
  • Engage with our most senior, varied and influential speaker panel to date to gain a truly global and well rounded insight into how MEDEVAC operational capability can be optimised

"The MEDEVAC conference is becoming the event of reference to everybody involved in this important and sensitive component of medical support. In this highly qualified forum we have the chance to gain new knowledge, exchange our experiences and hopefully, identify new future solutions."
Dr Giuseppe Azzena, European Defence Agency, Delegate

"This event is very important for networking and sharing experiences"
Registered Nurse, Swedish Armed Forces

"Really interesting event with a good range of international speakers"
RAF, Delegate

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2016 Speakers include:

  • Air Commodore Benjamin Okunola, Commandant of 45 Nigerian Air force Hospital, Nigerian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Lee Payne, Air Mobility Command Surgeon, Headquarters, Air Mobility Command, U.S Air Force
  • Brigadier General Dennis P. LeMaster, Commanding General, Regional Health Command Europe and Command Surgeon, U.S. Army Europe
  • Colonel Dr. Armando Torner Alonso, Deputy Surgeon General, Spanish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Dr. Zoltán Vekerdi, Acting Surgeon General, Hungarian Defence Force
  • Colonel Prof Lyubomir Aleksiev, Deputy Chief, Military Medical Academy, Bulgarian Armed Forces
  • Colonel Jérôme Bancarel, Head of Patient Evacuation Coordination Centre, Ministère de la Défe
  • Colonel Prof Rumen Popov, Deputy Chief, Military Medical Academy, Bulgarian Armed Forces
  • Colonel Dr. David Ross, Parkes Professor of Preventive Medicine, British Army
  • Mr. Baptiste Danjou, Officer-in-Charge, Long Term Air Charter, UN Procurement Division, United Nations
  • Ms. Hannele Haggman, Senior Health Officer, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Dr Carsten Simonsen, SQ 690 AirEvac, Danish Armed Forces
  • Dr. Andrej Strahovnik, Surgeon General, Slovene Armed Forces
  • Ms. Jessica Lowe, Team Leader (Tactical and Medical Logistics Analysis), DSTL
  • Senior Representative, Helicopter Programme, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Senior Representative, Medical Policy, European Defence Agency

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Aug 10, 2016