Kestrel 4.0 slashes processing requirements by up to 50 for Sentient's extensively deployed MTI solutions

In a ground-breaking release, Sentient has introduced Kestrel 4.0, the latest version of its land and maritime automated object detection software. Kestrel 4.0 provides a significant improvement in the processing requirement, measured in pre-release deployments to be reduced by up to 50%.

The new Kestrel version was able to comfortably process high definition imagery on a processor, which previously, could barely process standard definition imagery.

“The impact for the many hundreds of our customer is huge” said Simon Olsen, Director of Business Development, Strategy and Partnerships at Sentient. “Size, weight and power are always key concerns for our customers. This upgrade allows our ground based customers to operate Kestrel on much smaller, and therefore more mobile, ground processing systems. In the air it means small form factor processing chips, rather than heavy boxes.”

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Kestrel has been extensively deployed in support of military operations in Australia, the US, Canada, South America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Kestrel is a software solution that automatically detects small moving objects on land or small objects on the surface of the ocean, in real-time within EO/IR sensor feeds. Kestrel specializes in detecting objects that are difficult for the operator to see, such as vehicles and people moving in challenging land environments or small boats and people in the water. With Kestrel, operators are able to use wide field of view settings to cover larger search areas with a higher probability of detection.

Kestrel 4.0 is available immediately.

Source: Sentient
Date: Jul 19, 2016