Parker Aerospace Thermal Management System on Joint Strike Missile

Parker Aerospace, a business segment of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE: PH), the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced it is providing Kongsberg’s and Raytheon’s unique Joint Strike Missile (JSM) with a thermal cooling system to efficiently remove excess heat from the anti-ship and land-attack missile’s highly sophisticated and compact operating electronics.

The missile’s major components include a radome, computational unit (main electronic system), flight control surfaces and actuators, and propulsion motor that are all designed with reduced size to fit into the F-35’s weapons bay to maintain a stealth profile. Parker provides highly efficient, highly compact thermal cooling technology for the missile’s computational unit and sensors where internally generated operational heat is dissipated by Parker’s proprietary conduction and thermal capacitance.

In addition to advanced indirect liquid cooling architectures, Parker provides SprayCool® thermal management systems which utilize inert liquids that are sprayed onto hot operating electronic surfaces, turning the liquid into an inert gas to dissipate the heat. Parker’s SprayCool system is used to control and maintain the temperatures within operational parameters.

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“Parker Aerospace has the design-make experience and unique ability to optimize a thermal management system for any application, meeting challenging customer requirements through unique analysis tools, optimal design, miniaturization, manufacturing and moving confidently to product rate readiness,” said Parker engineering manager for thermal management systems Jason Dundas. “Parker’s unique ability to create reliable thermal management system solutions and productionize them has positioned us as a leader in this critical field, and we are energized by satisfying customer challenges.”

Source: Parker Aerospace
Date: Jul 10, 2016