Optical Air Data System Selected to Fly on 2016 EcoDemonstrator Program

Littleton, Colorado, July 6, 2016 --[ASDWire]-- Ophir Corporation’s Optical Air Data System has been selected for demonstration on an Embraer E170 business jet as part of the Boeing ecoDemonstrator Program to occur in August and September 2016. This light detection and ranging sensor measures an aircraft’s true air speed, angle of attack, angle of sideslip, outside air temperature, and static local air pressure - in all weather conditions and at all altitudes. This potentially increases aviation flight safety, measurement availability and reliability by providing a redundant air data measurement.

Ophir’s Optical Air Data System is a complete air data system that may be used to augment conventional air data systems which are subject to compromise or degraded performance in certain weather conditions such as icing. This augmentation system also increases in-flight efficiency by reducing the parasitic drag through replacement of several of the non-conformal, conventional air data probes. Use of the Ophir system also promises to reduce life cycle costs of air data systems.

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Source: Ophir Corporation
Date: Jul 7, 2016