Air Industries Group to Produce Landing Gear Components for KC-135

Air Industries Group has been awarded two contracts totaling $2.3M by Helicopter Tech Inc. of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to produce a major landing gear component for the KC-135 aircraft.

Under the contracts, Nassau Tool Works, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Industries Group, will produce parts over a period of 24 months. The first production deliveries will commence early 2018. The part, made from forged aluminum, is a critical component of the aircraft landing gear system.

"This is the first time we are producing a landing gear part for the KC-135 and it is consistent with our strategy to expand our footprint into larger aircraft platforms, including commercial aircraft," said Dan Godin, President and CEO of Air Industries Group. "We have two major sites with over 136,000 square feet of manufacturing space capable of machining these complex landing gear and flight safety critical parts."

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Helicopter Tech, Inc. is a women-owned small business that is one of four companies contracted under the U.S. Air Force Landing Gear Prime Vendor (LGPVC) Contract. The contract is a $1.5 Billion dollar, 10-year contract to supply landing gear components and assemblies for 34 different platforms. "Air Industries Group has been a critical partner for Helicopter Tech," said Rachel Carson, CEO of Helicopter Tech, Inc. "This contract is a welcome development in what has become a long and successful relationship between the two companies. The level of service, and the quality of the product, are best in class. We look forward to similar collaborations in the future."

Air Industries Group supplies complete landing gear and/or landing gear parts for numerous platforms, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, US Navy F-18 and E-2 Hawkeye series; US Air Force F-16, F-15, A-10, and B-1B, the Black Hawk Helicopter, the Airbus A-350 and the Airbus A-380.

Source: Air Industries Group
Date: Jun 27, 2016