Military Flight Training 2016 Conference

Flight Training establishes both basic and advance skills for new and current pilots about to enter front line flying squadrons. Given the rise in complexity of both aircraft and the scenarios they operate in, pilots need to be fully prepared to fly and fight in an effective way. Trainers must also face the challenges of reduced budgets and rising cost to train and equip their young pilots. Therefore, training doctrine and application need to be reimagined to incorporate new training styles as well as advances technologies such as advanced flight simulators. This allows pilots to quickly become accustomed to their specific aircraft and therefore able to complete their missions successfully, all at a reduced cost and greater result.

We are proud to announce our 5th Annual Military Flight Training. The event will be held in London on the 21st and 22nd September to discuss the latest national approaches to training as well as the development of modern technologies to meet current and future complex mission scenarios faced by today's pilots from fast fighters to multi-engine fixed wing aircraft.


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Benefits of Attending

  • A unique focus on training technologies such as flight simulators that allow pilots to prepare for specific missions
  • Fast Jet will be the primary discussion point as nations modernise their fighter fleets
  • The application of training and how specific nations are implementing programmes to enhance piloting skills will be discussed

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  • Air Commodore (Ret'd) Terry Jones, Former Director Flying Training, UK MOD
  • Air Commodore David Bentley, Director of Flying Training, Royal Air Force
  • Andy Fawkes, Director, Thinke Company Ltd
  • Brigadier General Dariusz Malinowski, Commander of 2nd Tactical Wing, Polish Air Force
  • Brigadier General Mehmet Yalinalp (Place Holder), Deputy Chief of Staff Plans, NATO
  • Captain Bennie Sanchez, N3 Assistant Chief of Staff Operations, US Navy Naval Aviation
  • Captain Bjorn Persson, Head of Flight Programmes Department, Air Warfare Centre, Swedish Air Force
  • Colonel Bojan Brecelj, Commander 15 Wing, Slovenian Ministry of Defence
  • Colonel Jerome Lacroix Leclair, Commander Flying Schools Command, French Air Force
  • Colonel Joseph William DeMarco, Chief of Staff Air University, United States Air Force
  • Colonel Peter Trierweiler, Commander of the Pilot Training Institute, Austrian A F Aviation School
  • Lieutenant Colonel Craig Leeson (SFC), Commander 85 Combat Flying School, South African Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Dag Simastuen, Commander of RNoAF Flight School, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Major Frank Jesensek, CO SVNAF Flight School, Slovenian Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Andreas Kraak, Commander of the Deployable Air C2 Centre Poggio Retanico, NATO
  • Peter Eadie, Strategy & Business Development Manager Defence and Security, CAE
  • Squadron Leader Nick Goodwyn, MOD Liaison to CAA, Safety and Airspace Regulation Group, Royal Air Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 22, 2016