Homeland Security & Public Safety Market

Homeland security (HLS) and public safety has become a major concern with the spurt of terrorist and criminal activities globally. Countries around the world are not only facing threats from external forces, but internal threats are also becoming harder to control. Homeland security and public safety market has undergone a big shift from just weapon and explosive based screening to cyber security, advanced communication systems and natural & manmade disaster early warning, rescue & recovery technologies.

Homeland security and public safety have overlapping responsibilities and include: Aviation security, land border security, counter-terror & crime intelligence, critical infrastructure security, law enforcement & 1st responders, maritime security, land transportation security, energy & petro-chemical industry security, CBRN & HAZMAT security, commercial & industrial security, safe cities, diplomatic facilities & personal security, natural disasters preparation & response, etc.

Terrorism and migration issues posing major challenges
In spite of economic uncertainties, homeland security and public safety budgets are increasing because dealing with external and internal security concerns has become a priority of governments. China is the leading spender on HLS and public safety followed by US. European countries are also witnessing growth in HLS and public safety expenses because of increasing terror attacks and migration issues.

In order to provide safe and better lifestyle there is an increasing focus on establishing Safe Cities. Safe Cities, designed by using advanced sensors/surveillance and ICT technologies, provide protection against crime, terror and natural disasters. In addition, USA and Canada are focusing on “next generation 9-1-1” initiative wherein 9-1-1 infrastructure is being modified to enable effective emergency communication.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Jun 9, 2016