Warships and Offshore Patrol Vessels Latin America 2016 Conference

We are delighted to be hosted by the Peruvian Navy who are committed to a major fleet modernization program: in total, they will procure six frigates and four offshore patrol vessels as well as undertake significant modernization of the legacy fleet.

The Peruvian procurement is indicative of a trend in the Latin American market towards larger vessel acquisition in addition to smaller OPVs.

Attracting acquisition, capability development, R&D, engineering and operational Naval staff from across the continent, this annual conference has established itself as the surface fleet community event. Each year we discuss the region's most pressing issues in vessel design, procurement and operational capability. We are proud to build on our experiences hosting the conference in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador to ensure that this conference stays at the forefront of the Latin American surface fleet community.

On Saturday 2nd July SIMA PERU will conduct a tour of their shipyard facilities and the Peruvian Navy has organised a maritime interdiction exercise exclusively for conference attendees. If you would like to know more, please enquire.

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''The annual Offshore Patrol Vessels Conference has become an important reference world forum concerning the growing use of these naval assets, when senior representatives from different Navies can present and discuss the solutions they have found to reconcile technical issues with operational tasks and budget constraints so as to better accomplish their missions. ...''
Rear Admiral Francisco Deiana, Director of Naval Engineering, Brazilian Navy

"The organiser's OPV Conferences provide a veritable platform and ample opportunity for intellectual exchange and networking by leaders of world navies, maritime operators and other stakeholders with the ultimate objective of developing requisite architecture for enhanced security of the global commons"
Vice Admiral OS Ibrahim, Chief of the Naval Staff, Nigerian Navy

''I look forward to sharing in discussions, and exchanging ideas with the diverse range of navies and coast guards, on their latest OPV developments and performance at the 6th Annual Offshore Patrol Vessels conference.''
Commander Bessa Pacheco, Plans & Policy Division, Portuguese Navy

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Meet the Speakers


  • Vice Admiral (R.) Jorge Montoya Manrique, Former Chief of Defence of Peru (2007-2008), Conference President

Host Nation Speakers

  • Almirante Edmundo Deville del Campo, Commanding General, Peruvian Navy
  • Vicealmirante James Thornberry Schiantarelli, General Director of Navy Materials, Peruvian Navy
  • Contralmirante Augusto Octavio BOHORQUEZ Villalta, Director of Naval Enlistment, Peruvian Navy
  • Contralmirante Silvio Javier ALVA Villamón, Executive Director, SIMA-PERÚ S.A.
  • Captain Oscar Torrico Infantas, Commander BAP Bolognesi Frigate, Peruvian Navy

Featured 2016 Speakers

  • Admiral José Antonio Sierra Rodríguez, General Director of Naval Construction, Mexican Secretariat of the Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jesús Benítez, Commander, Honduran Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jorge Alejandro Jaunsolo Barneche, Director General de Material Naval, Armada Nacional de Uruguay
  • Contralmirante ANDRÉS VÁSQUEZ VILLEGAS, Comandante del Comando Específico de San Andrés y Providencia, Colombian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jorge Enrique Carreño Moreno, President, COTECMAR
  • Coronel Martín Arias Araya, Director General of the Coast Guard, National Coast Guard Service of the Ministry of Public Security
  • Comisionado Jorge Yanis, Head of the Naval Group, Servicio Nacional Aeronaval de Panamá
  • Commander Yukiko HARA, Researcher, Strategic Study Group, Command and Staff College, JMSDF
  • Commander Luis Pablo Gonzalez, Captain of PNA GC-27 "Prefecto Fique", Prefectura Naval Argentina
  • Prof. Guy Thomas, Chairman, Global Maritime Awareness Institute for Safety, Security & Stewardship (GMAISS)

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 31, 2016