Indra equips the Jakarta International Airport with its InSight flight information system

Indra has equipped the Bandara Soekarno – Hatta (SHIA) International Airport in Jakarta with its InSight flight information system that will provide updated data to over 60 million travelers who use it each year.

This system manages the data displayed on the 500 screens distributed in terminals 1, 2 and 3 of the airport in this country's capital. Thanks to this system, travelers are permanently informed regarding check-in counters, boarding gates, baggage claim areas, flight status, etc.

Aside from the implementation of InSight, Indra trained airport operators to provide technical and operational support to use the system.

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A fast and clear presentation of this data is of vital importance to guarantee travelers convenience and so that they may easily move throughout the facilities. InSight guarantees that travelers are provided with the right information at the right time.

The use of the system optimizes the use of available resources, resulting in higher profitability and faster passenger boarding for airlines.

The system is also highly customizable and can be configured based on the airport’s requirement. InSight’s advanced integration capabilities ensure adaptability with existing airport systems, and autonomy from a display device manufacturer.

The system may also include commercial content and advertising in addition to flight information, an additional advantage for the airport.

InSIGHT is the FIDS or Flight Information Display System created by Indra as part of its InAIRPORT suite of operating systems.

Intelligence to grow
The number of travelers who use airports is growing noticeably each year, thereby requiring resource optimization to guarantee service quality and a positive passenger experience.

Infrastructures must be fitted with greater intelligence to achieve this. In this regard, Indra offers its InAIRPORT suite, a support system for managing airport operations. This suite includes the InPlan system for collaborative decision-making (A-CDM); the InBASE system, a database for airport operations (AODB); the InAIRPORT traveler information system; the InWATCH integrated security system; and the InUSE resource management system, that facilitates assignment of resources, detection of possible conflicts during use and optimization of use.

Source: Indra
Date: May 30, 2016