Mobile Security for Defense and Government Summit

Our Mobile Security for Defense and Government Summit is designed as an educational and training ''Town Hall'' forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military and civilian organizations, industry and academia can come together for actionable discussions and debate.


The Summit allows for military users, civilian, and academia across the mobility and enterprise communities to come together to learn, discuss, debate, and help advance several key areas such as:

  1. Improving overarching data strategies to support enhanced mobility accessibility and usability
  2. Getting security controls and risk mitigation technologies as close to the data and access as possible
  3. Working towards DOD PKI derived credentials and other IdAM capabilities to ensure the security of mobile devices
  4. Improving the security and monitoring of applications: native apps, third-party apps, custom apps and integrations
  5. Standardizing the structure of data to enable different public agencies to provide their data in a consistent way
  6. Mobile device management services (MDM) and virtual mobile infrastructure technologies
  7. Secure networking infrastructure and gateways that provides and extends enterprise Unified Capabilities (UC) [integration of voice, video, and/or data services] to mobile devices
  8. Offline mobility 9-Where the DoD and Federal Agencies can take advantage of innovative technologies with mobile integration


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Innovation leveraged by mobility will be a driving force for the DoD in the future. However, while each Service has their unique set of mission requirements and strategies towards implementing a more mobile enterprise, the whole of DoD and Federal agencies face the challenge of ensuring the security and integrity of such systems.

It is not just about the device, but rather it is about the infrastructure supporting the device and the entire data strategy of the enterprise and how it supports mobility. The DOD wants ''mobile devices to be able to be used in the hands of the warfighter anywhere anytime...Bottom-up solutions are good, but we need the enterprised approach,'' (Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman, Director C4/ Cyber, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2015)

For the federal agencies, more and more organizations are moving toward mobile computing for internal mission and public-serving applications, acknowledging the role that mobility has towards driving workplace efficiency and satisfaction. With the transition, however, come more concerns for the safety and integrity of government data in those applications.

You can expect to hear from OSD, the Military Services, and Federal Government agency counterparts.

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Early Confirmed Summit Speakers:

  • MajGen Sarah Zabel, USAF, Vice Director, DISA
  • Brig. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, USAF, Deputy Commander, Joint Force Headquarters, DoD, Information Networks (JFHQ-DODIN)
  • Mr. Curtis Dukes, Director, Information Assurance Directorate, NSA
  • Mr. Peter Gouldmann, Director, Information Technology Security Compliance Office
  • Mr. Ken Carlberg, Chief Technologist, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
  • Mr. Richard Jones, Federal Mobility 2.0 PM
  • Ms. Hildegard Ferraiolo, Computer Scientist, Computer Security Division

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 24, 2016