Coulson Aviation USA Awarded RADS Contract by the USAF for C-130 Hercules Fleet

Coulson Aviation (USA) - The world leader in aerial firefighting technology announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to design, manufacture, and install up to seven 3500 US Gallon Aerial Retardant Delivery Systems in HC-130 H model aircraft.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the United States Airforce to provide them with state of the art retardant aerial delivery systems (RADS) for their fleet of C-130's," says Wayne Coulson , CEO and President of Coulson Aviation. Coulson first developed and installed the RADS in 2012 to equip their own C-130H/Q for aerial fire suppression.  It currently holds a contract with the United States Forest Service.  

Britt Coulson , Vice President of Aviation, also added "Our Next Gen SMART Controller, coupled to the C-130 RADS-XXL is the premier C-130 firefighting system in the world. We are the first system in the industry to employ technology to not only aid and reduce the workload of the pilots, but to produce a superior drop pattern on the ground. We look forward to supporting the USAF, USFS, and other countries around the world with their C-130's."

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Coulson Aviation has 25 years of experience in aerial fire suppression and they operate both type 1 helicopters and large fixed wing air tankers. Coulson Aviation is also one of the only companies to hold multi country aerial firefighting contracts, including: Canada , The United States , and Australia .

Source: The Coulson Group of Companies
Date: May 19, 2016