LM Selects Anark Core for Orion Program 3D MBE Publishing & Collaboration

Anark Corporation, leading provider of Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Publishing and Collaboration software for engineering, manufacturing and the supply-chain, announced today that it has been selected by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) to provide an automated publishing solution to generate 3D PDF document based applications from engineering data managed within PTC’s Windchill product data management solution.

While Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company has been using Anark Core Server to generate and publish high-fidelity 3D PDF documents for over a year, LMSSC has greatly expanded use of Anark software and will be integrating this software within their highly customized version of PTC’s Windchill product. 3D PDF documents published by Anark Core Server contain associative 3D dimensions, tolerances, product information, and Windchill metadata which is used to help communicate design intent to suppliers for NASA’s next-generation Orion spacecraft.

"Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company selected Anark Core to publish 3D PDF technical data packages for the Orion spacecraft. These technical data packages are used to effectively communicate critical engineering and design information to our suppliers, which we have been doing now for over a year" said Richard Smith, a Lockheed Martin Mechanical and Propulsion Engineer supporting the Orion program. "Anark has demonstrated repeatedly that their solution publishes accurate representations of our design intent, along with related data stored in Windchill."

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Following an extensive evaluation LMSSC selected Anark’s MBE publishing solution based upon several factors:

  • Anark’s ability to develop and deliver production-proven MBE solutions to complement Lockheed Martin’s Digital Tapestry strategy;
  • Anark Core’s capacity to harvest model data using PTC’s ProToolkit APIs to produce accurate and complete representations of model data within 3D PDF documents;
  • Anark Core Server’s Services Oriented Architecture, enabling integration with PTC’s Windchill product data management solution, which will initiate 3D MBE publishing jobs as part of LMSSC’s formal release process;
  • Anark Core’s capability to combine multiple types of master data into a single, well-structured interactive 3D PDF document;
  • Anark’s powerful and flexible PDF publishing technology, which enables customers to control every aspect of the presentation of enterprise data within a PDF document.

"Anark is proud to be chosen as a supplier to Lockheed Martin on such a high-profile and innovative product like the Orion spacecraft program," said Stephen Collins, President & CEO of Anark, "Lockheed Martin’s Orion spacecraft is an advanced, next-generation product, using next-generation tools and technologies, and Anark is happy to play a role in supporting more effective model based communication and collaboration between LMSSC and their key suppliers."

Source: Anark Corporation
Date: May 17, 2016