Armoured Vehicles Latin America 2016 Conference

2016 has emerged as a critical year for defence and security in Latin America.

The Peruvian Army in association with the organiser are hosting the 5th Annual Armoured Vehicles Latin America; Lima, Peru, 30 June – 1 July. This event brings together Army, Marine Corps and Police Armoured Vehicles operators with industry to discuss the procurement, deployment and design of armoured vehicles.

Topics for the 2016 Event

  • Armour requirements and procurement processes
  • Enhancing Survivability and Protection
  • Improving Vehicle Mobility and Firepower
  • case studies of armoured vehicles in battlefield operations


Why Attend?

  • Gain insight and expertise from serving military officers, acquisition staffers and local industry who are at the forefront of key vehicle delivery projects and stay networked in the region
  • Demonstrate SWaP trade-off solutions to end-users currently experiencing increasing operational demand and budgetary pressures, and adopting advanced technology and systems integration programmes, in order to put your solution top of the agenda
  • Understand the region’s latest armoured vehicles requirements spanning Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru so that you can find the right customer for your solution
  • Share discussion with the key stakeholders from global industry that are focussed on meeting capability gaps across Latin America, in order to find partners for projects and access to the market


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“It was a pleasure to attend the recent Armoured Vehicles Latin America event, which I found very well organised, informative and interesting with considerable opportunity for useful networking...I am sure what I learnt during my attendance is contributing most effectively to the work I am undertaking in Brazil”
Sector Manager, UKTI Defence & Security Organisation

“Conferences like this one are an invaluable tool for the Ecuadorean Army to meet other militaries and Industry”
MAYO De M. G. Milton Vinivio Sánchez Mena, Tactical Vehicle Programme Manager, Defence Materiel, Ecuadorean Army

“The event allows me to connect with potential business partners and opens up our market for business. In the end, this conference allows for a mixture of knowledge, experience, marketing, and friendship that revolves around the world of armoured vehicles”
Captain Diego Patron, Tactical Vehicle Programme Manager, Colombian Marine Corps

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  • Brigadier General (Rtd.) Harold Lucho Avendano, Professor at the War College, Chairman, AV Latin America

Early-confirmed speakers:

  • General Luis Humberto Ramos Hume, Commanding General, Peruvian Army
  • Lieutenant-General Ajax Porto Pinheiro, Force Commander, United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
  • Lieutenant General Joseph P. Disalvo, Military Deputy Commander, United States Southern Command
  • Brigadier General Oscar Eduardo Hernandez Durán, Commandant, Colombian Marine Corps
  • Brigadier General Ricardo Bustamante Zuniga, Director of Planning, Peruvian Army
  • Colonel Mario Eleazar Ortiz Rodriguez, Adviser to the Minister of National Defense, El Salvador Army
  • Colonel Carlos Enrique Sosa Mendez, Chief of War Material, Ministry of Defence of Guatemala
  • Colonel Raul Ramos Peralta, Memberof Public Investment Project, Peruvian Army
  • Colonel Mario Chavez Cresta, Head of Armoured Maintenance Centre, Peruvian Army

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 12, 2016